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Testimony continues in trial of three defendants accused of murder in death of Asiyanna Jones

PITTSFIELD — On Tuesday, jurors heard testimony from a witness who described the fight between Elizabeth “Nunu” Perez and Carey Pilot that preceded the death of a 22-year-old Pittsfield woman in 2017.

The woman who was in the car with Asiyanna Jones when Jones suffered a mortal gunshot wound also took the stand and began testifying.

Proceedings related to the trial of three defendants charged with first-degree murder of Jones will take place over two weeks in Berkshire Superior Court.

DAY 2 HIGHLIGHTS:— Keyarah Wright finished her testimony. She was 14 when she witnessed from her bedroom window the Oct. 2, 2017, shootout in which Jones was killed.

— Wright’s mother, Denise Peltier, testified about the aftermath of the shooting, including her daughter waking her up after the gunshots and the chaotic minutes that followed.

— Jurors went to view the scene of the shooting on Dewey Avenue, traveling there together on a bus that was escorted by police.

— Camia Kazimierczak, Jones’ friend and roommate who was in the car with Jones when she was shot, started her testimony.

THE DEFENDANTS:— Gary Linen, Carey Pilot and Elizabeth “Nunu” Perez stand accused of murder in the Oct. 2, 2017, shooting death of Asiyanna Jones in Pittsfield. All have pleaded not guilty. Opening arguments were held Monday.

TRIAL MOMENTS:— Dayanlee Bracero-Quirindo, who lived with Perez at 237 Dewey Ave., testified that Perez beat up Carey Pilot on Cherry Street earlier on the day of the shooting. Bracero-Quirindo testified that Pilot threw the first punch, but Perez won the fight. She said the fight happened after the two ran into each other at a city gas station and Pilot allegedly threatened to “slice” Perez’s face.

— Later that night, Bracero-Quirindo was home on Dewey Street when she saw Pilot pull up in a car in a group of about five people. Bracero-Quirindo testified that she heard Pilot allegedly threaten to shoot up their house. But Perez wasn’t home, so Bracero-Quirindo said she called her. She testified that Perez arrived minutes later driving a Jeep Cherokee carrying her boyfriend, Linen, and an unidentified male.

— Bracero-Quirindo said shots rang out as she was getting into the back seat of Perez’s car with her boyfriend at the time. She testified that Linen and the unidentified male got out of the Jeep and while she didn’t see either with a gun, she heard them return fire before they got back into the vehicle and left the scene.

— Pittsfield police Officer Christopher Arena testified that Bracero-Quirindo and Perez returned to 237 Dewey Ave. approximately 10 minutes after he arrived in response to gunshots. Arena said he questioned the women about the shooting and they both told him they hadn’t seen what happened and hadn’t had any issues that night. However, Perez did say she thought “something was going to happen,” according to the officer’s testimony.

— Bracero-Quirindo, who now lives in Pennsylvania, received a cooperation agreement in which prosecutors will give her consideration in an open Superior Court case she has pending for allegedly misleading the police.

— Kazimierczak testified about the hours leading up to the shooting and her relationship to Jones and Pilot. She said she lived with Jones as well as Pilot’s two daughters, and considered Pilot to be like her “aunt,” whom she saw about once a week and has known her whole life.

— On Oct. 2, 2017, Kazimierczak was out driving with Jones in Jones’ boyfriend’s car. She testified that the two picked up food from Pizza House, then were driving in the area of Reid Middle School when they ran into one of their roommates, who is Pilot’s daughter.

— Pilot’s daughter said they were going to Dewey Avenue. Kazimierczak testified that she was aware that Pilot had gotten into an altercation earlier that day. Jones and Kazimierczak followed their car to Dewey Avenue, where Kazimierczak said they hung out and talked and she ate her food. Kazimierczak testified that she did not hear Pilot make any threats.

— Kazimierczak said they were about to leave when a dark colored vehicle pulled up. They followed the car and did a U-turn, then Kazimierczak testified that she saw a male in the middle of the road, and gunshots rang out.

— Kazimierczak testified that she ducked under the dashboard, thinking Jones’ had ducked down as well. She said she called Jones’ mother, Shanay, whose number was the most recent entry in her call log, and then called 911.



— Kazimierczak will resume her testimony when the trial picks back up this morning in Berkshire Superior Court.

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Amanda Burke is Cops and Courts Reporter for The Berkshire Eagle. An Ithaca, New York native, she previously worked at The Herald News of Fall River and the Fitchburg Sentinel & Enterprise.

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