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Our Opinion: State must address police training gaps

Police department funding, resources and crime-fighting strategy come up for debate at every municipal election, as was the case in the recent Pittsfield city elections. The state shares …

Our Opinion: A landmark bill on education funding The compromise education bill approved unanimously Wednesday by both bodies of the state Legislature is the most ambitious attempt to address education funding inequities in the state in a quarter of …
Our Opinion: Skepticism v. cynicism on new business Pittsfield's skepticism about new business ventures seeking financial assistance is well-earned, but not its cynicism.That cynicism confronted Electro Magnetic Applications (EMA), a company seeking …
Our Opinion: State GOP undone from within The Massachusetts Republican Party is moving its headquarters out of Boston and selling furniture in the process while Republican Gov. Charlie Baker has created a powerhouse new political action …
Our Opinion: Patrick's base voices support Former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick's impact on the race for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination will be seen in the weeks and months ahead, but it can at least be said that the …
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Our Opinion: Credit the Massachusetts House of Representatives for tough anti-vape law A Massachusetts House that is given to foot-dragging responded to the vaping crisis with admirable alacrity Wednesday, passing a bill that among other provisions banned the sale of all flavored …
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The tax rate debate that unfolded at the Pittsfield City Council meeting Tuesday night will probably be the last major debate of this council session, and it fell along familiar lines in terms of the … more
When Claude Rains' Captain Renaud closes down Rick's in "Casablanca" he professes to be "shocked" that gambling has been going on — and then collects his winnings. Gambling advocates in … more
A Massachusetts business group has suggested something that might once have been unthinkable from a business organization — an increase in the state gasoline tax. It is an idea worth pursuing … more
U.S.Attorney Andrew Lelling may be on a fishing expedition with his convening of a grand jury to investigate contracts between Massachusetts communities and the marijuana retailers within their … more
Mayor Linda Tyer's reelection as mayor of Pittsfield constitutes both a vote of approval for her first term and a challenge for the second term ahead.The mayor earned a narrow victory over challenger … more
A hotly contested Pittsfield mayoral campaign between incumbent Linda Tyer and challenger Melissa Mazzeo comes to an end today when Pittsfield voters go to the polls. The Eagle has endorsed Linda … more
Eight candidates are vying for four at-large seats on the Pittsfield City Council, three of them incumbents. The decision of at-large city councilor Melissa Mazzeo to run for mayor means that at … more
Pittsfield has City Council races in five of its seven wards, three of which are open seats without incumbents. These are obviously important elections for the respective wards but also for the city, … more
North Adams is a small city with big city problems like crime and abandoned storefronts. It has been a struggle to recover from the departure of Sprague Electric but progress has been made in recent … more
There is nothing like a mayoral election to focus a city on its present and its future. The vigorous campaign by Mayor Linda Tyer and challenger Melissa Mazzeo has provided that service for Pittsfield, casting a light on crime, education, the economy and other current issues, and exploring how the city will address them going forward. On Tuesday, voters will decide which candidate they will go forward with as mayor. more

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