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Our Opinion: Room for old, new in a changed society

COVID-19 will bring about changes to our society, some temporary, some permanent. We hope that a respect for our health care and retail workers and the realization that preparation for the unlikely …

Our Opinion: Time has come for End of Life Options Act Legislation offering the terminally ill the option of ending their lives on their terms is before state lawmakers — and not for the first time. But with COVID-19, which has claimed more than …
Our Opinion: Filling in the blanks on state reopening There is frustration in the Berkshires with Gov. Baker's state reopening plan, which while admirably cautious doesn't provide answers to many questions and isn't fine-tuned by region. With the first …
Our Opinion: Separating campaign fact from fiction The November elections, which will choose a president and determine control of the House and Senate, are of critical importance to say the least. Voters will need to be informed and there will be …
Our Opinion: Reopening plan lacks flexibility Going into Monday, Massachusetts and Connecticut were the last two states to at least partially reopen following lockdowns in reaction to the spread of COVID-19. Both announced reopening plans on …
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Our Opinion: Assuring fair elections in 2020 Plans have emerged on Beacon Hill to provide safety from COVID-19 for voters in this fall's election. Each plan has merit and it will be critical in the months ahead to pass a compromise so action …
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Devanny-Condron Funeral Home honors the dead, and the living, in the days of the coronavirus
Gatherings to honor the dead have happened since the dawn of humankind. In our modern era, when a loved one dies, families come close, … Read More
Renaissance Investment Group: Close client relations, context and comforting advice during a time of crisis
LENOX — There's a pandemic on: Your family is safe; the cupboards are full; and you have enough fuel to keep your generator running … Read More
Agency lands grant to give free legal advice to those in need in May
GREAT BARRINGTON — You've just been served with a notice of eviction, but there's no money to pay the rent. There's no food for you … Read More
Stop the hop: Workers average 2.3 jobs in a 5-year span
PITTSFIELD — Never before have workers in the United States had so many occupational options. It’s a boon for job seekers, but a … Read More
Eagle wins General Excellence award again
BOSTON — For the second year in a row, The Berkshire Eagle received the New England Newspaper & Press Association's top honor — … Read More
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It didn't come as a surprise but Tanglewood's announcement Friday that it will cancel its summer season because of the COVID-19 pandemic was nonetheless a blow to the Berkshires, economically and … more
Political partisanship has not been a significant problem up to this point in Washington's efforts to address the COVID-19 pandemic financially. A $3 trillion coronavirus relief bill designed to help … more
Readers of The Checkup article in The Eagle are able to keep track of the deaths from COVID-19 and the number of cases in the Berkshires on a daily basis. This month, those numbers have been … more
The announcement by the Roman Catholic Diocese that from now on it will immediately notify area law authorities once it learns of allegations of clergy abuse against minors or other "vulnerable … more
Gov. Baker's executive order requiring residents to wear facial coverings in public takes effect today. It is, as the governor said in issuing the directive last week, "common sense" in light of the … more
It has been a head-spinning couple of weeks for employees of Crane Stationery in North Adams. With bad feelings having needlessly emerged between the company and City Hall, it would probably be a … more
The high numbers of COVID-19 cases in Massachusetts, particularly in Boston and surrounding communities, continue to be a source of real concern. A community tracing program that should enable the … more
The winnowing of Crane Stationery’s workforce next month constitutes a devastating blow to the North Adams economy. It is also a psychological blow to the Berkshires, as Crane Stationery’s roots go back more than two centuries in the county. more
Barrington Stage Co. has joined Berkshire Theatre Group in announcing that it will offer a shortened season beginning in August. Whatever can be salvaged of the Berkshire cultural season in the light … more
Isolation is not a natural state for human beings, particularly during a crisis, when the inclination is to come together. Social distancing is necessary to combat the spread of COVID-19 and there … more

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