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Our Opinion: Part-time, full-time, in it together

According to news reports, areas that, like the Berkshires, are home to many second-home owners are seeing an influx of part-time residents before the usual summer months. This is no surprise given …

Our Opinion: MCC proposals to help culturals The 2020 summer cultural scene, so critical to the Berkshires, has been shrinking in response to the COVID-19 pandemic in the forms of curtailments and cancellations. The economic impact will be …
Our Opinion: Another chance for Democrats to unite U.S Sen. Bernie Sanders' decision Wednesday to abandon his campaign for president gives Democrats a chance to do something they didn't succeed in doing four years ago against Donald Trump — …
Our Opinion: Pearl murder is suddenly reopened The acquittal of Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh and three accomplices in the 2002 murder of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl by a Pakistani appeals court last week was galling to his friends, …
Our Opinion: Part-timers, full-timers, we must be united The rallying words that "we are all in this together" during the coronavirus pandemic don't appear to apply to Berkshire second-home owners in the eyes of some. This is unfortunate because it could …
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Our Opinion: Businesses must make responsible decisions We're into April and a surge in COVID-19 cases is predicted for roughly April 7-17. Before then it is incumbent upon Berkshire communities to do what they can to help Berkshire Medical Center and …
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The expected surge in coronavirus numbers in the state between April 7 and April 17 may produce demoralizing numbers but it also reflects stepped up testing that gives the state a handle on the … more
The restaurant industry would rank high among the many businesses hurt by the novel coronavirus pandemic. Pittsfield, however, offers a little reason for optimism about their future while Northern … more
Spring was in the air Thursday, offering reminders of the summer to come. But the summer is uncertain for the cultural institutions that define the Berkshires and are a backbone for its … more
Our Republican governor, Charlie Baker, deserved the shout-out he received Monday from Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden for being one of several governors cited for providing a "lesson in … more
Gov. Charlie Baker's order Monday that all non-essential businesses be closed is a painful action that he has tried to avoid doing. It is a necessary one, however, as the state continues to wrestle with the … more
Social distancing is a key component in combating the spread of the coronavirus and it is putting a strain on us social animals. Social distancing is also doing considerable financial harm to the … more
It truly is a low blow that a pandemic would arrive at the same time that a 10-year U.S. Census is being conducted. That is the reality, however, and while Berkshire County residents are … more
Information, as has been said before in this space in recent weeks, is of critical importance in getting us through the coronavirus pandemic. Berkshire Health Systems is now getting more of it, not … more
The skies and the mood don't reflect it, but this is Sunshine Week, an annual celebration of access to public information sponsored by news organizations across the nation, including The Berkshire … more
Gov. Baker spoke with clarity Sunday night on new policies regarding the state's reaction to the spread of the coronavirus. This was a welcome change from late last week when the administration was … more

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