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Our Opinion: Blocking WRHS would hurt district

It doesn't necessarily take the filing and winning of a lawsuit to delay or even end a public project. The threat of a lawsuit can be enough to cause the financial pillars of such a project to shake. …

Our Opinion: Downtown ambassadors impact reality, perception

"It's all perception," says Laurie Tierney, owner of Hotel on North of Pittsfield's downtown. The perception of downtown (or "upstreet" in Pittsfield's vernacular) as an unwelcome if not dangerous …

Our Opinion: Trump's racism and latest Republican failure

The almost daily outrages of President Trump elicit regular calls for the Republican Party to locate its spine and criticize the president for his shameful words or deeds. The racist tweets directed …

Our Opinion: State carbon tax should be explored

The institution of a state carbon tax that could both reduce pollution and boost the renewable energy industry has been discussed on Beacon Hill off-and-on over the last few years. Judging by the …

Our Opinion: Parking issue heads down rabbit hole

The issue of trash pickup is not the only one that can tie the Pittsfield City Council in knots. This is also the case with the issue of paid parking downtown. The City Council voted Tuesday night to …

Our Opinion: Fight border camps with voices, numbers

If there is anyone in America who still believes that the appalling migrant camps along our southern border are "fake news" or "liberal propaganda" they should read the report on the camps compiled …

Our Opinion: Expanded culture scene is for all comers

Berkshire County's cultural attractions, now in full summer roar, have had great appeal to visitors since the Gilded Age. But the locals are welcome, too — and increasingly so . The …

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Our Opinion: Judicial push-back against ICE overreach President Trump has politicized the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency, employing it to further an anti-immigration agenda that appeals to his political base. But on Thursday in …
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The public transportation needs of Berkshire County and Massachusetts are real, and so is the lack of adequate funding to address them. A funding initiative from recent years has re-emerged, and as … more
Two days before President Trump's Kremlin-style July 4 pageant in Washington, D.C, the House of Representatives filed suit to protect the integrity of one of the pillars of our democracy that July 4 … more
The accident that killed seven motorcyclists and severely injured a Dalton man was horrific enough before it was learned the alleged operator of the truck that hit them was driving with a license … more
Massachusetts, as a cradle of American democracy, prides itself on its good governance. However, when it comes to transparency in government, Massachusetts falls dismally short.Massachusetts is one … more
At this point, there is no denying that Russia interfered with the 2016 presidential election and that Donald Trump and his campaign were more than accommodating. Mr. Trump went before the cameras to … more
While the Supreme Court's decision on a citizenship census question was a partial triumph for depoliticizing the election process (see editorial above) the Court Thursday made an unequivocally … more
The Supreme Court has struck a blow against the Trump administration's attempt to politicize the census by introducing a citizenship question to the U.S. census. Whether or not it is a fatal blow, … more
Columnists and letter writers on these pages in recent days have been asking what average Americans can do to protest the Trump administration's housing of immigrant children in what amounts to … more
The acknowledgment by the Springfield Diocese that former Catholic Bishop Christopher J. Weldon has been credibly accused of sexually abusing an altar boy is welcome, yet overdue. As is too often the … more
The legalization of marijuana in Massachusetts in 2016 drew all of the headlines but hemp was also legalized in the process. Hemp once played a part in our state's economy and it may soon have the potential to do again. more

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