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Our Opinion: Turning justified outrage into concrete action

The killing of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer and similar incidents of late have caused a sea change in America on the problem of institutional violence against Black Americans. It is …

Our Opinion: On to more pressing transit issues as Blandford exit nixed Construction of a Massachusetts Turnpike exit between Exits 2 and 3 has become a nonissue. Time to focus exclusively on other transportation options for the Berkshires. At a town meeting June 27, …
Our Opinion: Trump rally planned for New Hampshire raises alarm "In attending the event, you and any guests voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19 ..." That's part of the disclaimer found at the bottom of the ticket registration for a …
Our Opinion: A notable but complicated career Possessing a bulldog's tenacity, Carmen C. Massimiano Jr. was accustomed to getting what he wanted — most significantly a new Berkshire House of Correction. Blunt and at times abrasive, friends …
Our Opinion: Reasonable funding for challenging school year Opening schools this fall will be a daunting task for school officials and faculty in the county and state. Having to do it short-handed because of budget cuts would make it even more formidable a …
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Our Opinion: Weldon verdict must produce real change The finding of a retired judge that the claims of a former altar boy that the late Bishop Christopher J. Weldon sexually molested him were "unequivocally credible" is painful for many Catholics in …
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Firm VP: Save, invest, protect during good times and bad
DALTON — When you put your money into the hands of a financial adviser, you don't want a workweek warrior, someone who punches in at … Read More
Cybersecurity best practice for staff working from home
It’s called telecommuting. And one study two years ago by a Swiss office service provider found that 70 percent of professionals … Read More
Harris: 'Our job is to remove uncertainty and drama'
DALTON — Come again? Did Allen Harris just say "furry babies"? That threw me for a minute, as I had assumed I was talking to a tough … Read More
Tanglewood offerings go virtual; BSO, top performers take stage online
LENOX — The Boston Symphony Orchestra and Tanglewood have just announced a full lineup of web-based performances for their 2020 … Read More
Had enough of pandemic panic? Try Wild Oats Market instead
WILLIAMSTOWN — You saw the panic buying on TV; some of you might have even lived through it: The scrambling. The stockpiling. The … Read More
Let Berkshire Money Management map it out for you
DALTON — Allen Harris wants you to picture two dollar amounts in your mind. For the first number, the CEO of Berkshire Money … Read More
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Rep. Richard Neal's characteristic optimism is refreshing, and that he can maintain it when it comes to the fate of two major funding bills in the Republican-controlled Senate is particularly … more
This is an important week for Berkshire County and Massachusetts as the reopening of the economy takes some significant steps. With many other states, primarily in the South and Southwest, … more
The U.S. Supreme Court's decision Thursday to reject the Trump administration's attempt to destroy the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA) was cause for celebration by America's … more
It wasn't that long ago — as recently as the last Pittsfield budget session before the City Council a year ago — that the case was made for more police department funding, in large part … more
Berkshire residents are accustomed to seeing protest gatherings in this turbulent 2020. Black Lives Matter protests at least temporarily gave way Monday to demonstrations by Pittsfield educators … more
Bishop Mitchell Rozanski cleared the low bar set by his predecessor when it came to issues of communication and response to clergy abuse. Opportunities were missed to do so much more. ("Springfield … more
It could change at any moment, but the news Thursday that there were no COVID-19 patients in Berkshire hospitals is a cause for cheer. ("The Checkup: Berkshires sees first day of no COVID … more
Municipal and school officials around the Berkshires and the state are preparing worst case budget scenarios in reaction to the economic devastation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. That scenario for … more
Solar energy has become an increasingly significant component of the energy picture in Massachusetts, although not without controversy, as has been seen here in the Berkshires. Many argue that fields … more
Cultural institutions in the Berkshires and around the state have a tough road ahead of them dealing with the impact of COVID-19. Financial assistance in reopening after several dormant months would … more

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