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Our Opinion: Taconic vision is worth exploring

There was a certain inevitably to the emergence of a concept in which Taconic High School would become a dedicated career and technical school. That has been a huge part of the high school's mission, …

Our Opinion: Gimmicky fee hikes wrong for Berkshires There are a couple of worrisome aspects to Gov. Baker's proposal to increase fees for ride-hailing services such as Uber and Lyft, and they both involve what state Rep. William "Smitty" Pignatelli of …
Our Opinion: For Adams native Susan B. Anthony's birthday, a double milestone In the long history of the American fight for broader equality, 2020 marks two notable anniversaries — an intertwining clarion call echoing from the nation's voting booths to the streets of …
Our Opinion: Home rehab program makes calling Berkshires home more viable for all Given the population retention struggles facing many rural areas like Berkshire County, it behooves communities to find ways to keep residents in their homes — including those who might be …
Our Opinion: The rule of law for thee, but not for Trump's allies At the heart of fair governance lies the need for checks and balances, chief of which is an impartial justice system beholden to no one — not even the president of the United …
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Our Opinion: Sound case for driver's license bill A bill providing a pathway for undocumented immigrants to receive driver's licenses in Massachusetts finally made its way out of committee Wednesday with a favorable recommendation. The bill's …
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The acquittal of President Trump on impeachment charges by Republican senators who put party over nation was inevitable, which doesn't make it any less dispiriting. There was one bright moment in the … more
The host community agreements in the state's law governing retail sales of marijuana in the state contained a gaping hole that wasn't exposed until towns and cities began exploiting it. On Wednesday, … more
Here in Berkshire County, when it comes time to tabulate the results of a state or national election, a hill town or two might be late in getting results in but the winners are determined that … more
"The challenge is, we're fixing a broken system through a broken system," said a member of the state commission exploring a constitutional amendment overturning the Supreme Court's 2010 Citizens … more
With Democratic efforts to hear witnesses at President Donald Trump's impeachment having failed, it is apparent that, even should the trial linger on for a few more days, he will be acquitted by the … more
The new recycling contract that Pittsfield has signed is indeed part of a "paradigm shift" for all of Western Massachusetts as described by Finance Director Matt Kerwood. Pittsfield should follow up … more
The Baker administration's projection that gaming revenue will decline in fiscal 2021 is a wise and welcome acknowledgment that revenue projections for the three state casinos are unrealistic. They … more
The Baker administration released its funding proposal for Chapter 90 local road projects a few weeks earlier than usual last Friday in the hope that municipalities will be better able to take … more
Pittsfield, the central city in the largely rural Berkshires, is an urban community with all the challenges that entails. Some of those challenges are reflected in the schools, where students, … more
The economic realities that have affected Pittsfield in recent years have impacted its public schools as well, and the solutions to the latter have, to an extent, come on a piecemeal basis. For that … more

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