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Our Opinion: A good address, as far as it went

Gov. Charlie Baker placed a strong emphasis on the related issues of climate change and transportation in his State of the Commonwealth address Tuesday night, proving once again that he is a …

Our Opinion: Big-picture analysis of Pittsfield's school needs The economic realities that have affected Pittsfield in recent years have impacted its public schools as well, and the solutions to the latter have, to an extent, come on a piecemeal basis. For that …
Our Opinion: Grand Old Game takes hit to the heart The Houston Astros players have announced that they will begin spring training next month by apologizing for participating in the sign-stealing gambit that tarnished the 2017 World Series and move …
Our Opinion: Another attempt at refugee program After Pittsfield's John Dickson, a retired U.S. diplomat and member of the Peace Corps Community for Refugees, wrote an Eagle oped column that in part urged Pittsfield Mayor Linda Tyer to pursue …
Our Opinion: New approach, and a new pharmacy Change comes rapidly and jarringly in health care, and government is often powerless to help people adjust. Sometimes it makes matters worse. Solutions can come, however, by groups working together …
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Our Opinion: Bowl's welfare a Stockbridge responsibility Issues can and do become contentious in any town, but Stockbridge may be unique to the Berkshires in the intense emotions that erupt regularly over various town topics. There is perhaps no better …
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Judging from the large, spirited crowd that attended Sunday's annual Four Freedoms Coalition Rally at the Colonial Theatre in Pittsfield on Sunday, there must be a great deal at stake in America when … more
Berkshire County has an increasing minority population, but it remains a small percentage of the overall population. That minorities are subjected to rude, if not confrontational, behavior when they … more
Someday the Berkshire Hills Regional School District will have a new Monument Mountain Regional High School in Great Barrington — but it won't be in the near future. It needs one and should … more
As 2020 dawns, the ancient scourge of anti-Semitism is still with us: globally, nationally, in Massachusetts and in Berkshire County. It is doubly discouraging that this vile hatred is not only still … more
Coming off a close and hotly contested city election, Pittsfield Mayor Linda Tyer struck a conciliatory tone Monday as she was sworn in for a second four-year term as mayor. It was appropriate and … more
The concept of "fair report privilege" in regard to the press goes back to the early days of the commonwealth of Massachusetts. That the principle still holds today, as declared last week by the … more
Verbally abusive spectators are a nuisance to those who just want to watch their kids compete in youth sporting events, but they are a genuine threat to youth sports if they discourage people from … more
With the critically important 2020 census looming comes the news that the population of the Northeast declined in 2019 for the first time in the decade. Our region, comprised of nine states with much … more
It's 2020, a year that has a nice science fiction ring to it. In fact, if science fiction movies like 1982's "Blade Runner," which was set in November of 2019, were accurate forecasts of the future, … more
The cuts to the federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) are indeed cruel and unnecessary as described by the director of programs at the Food Bank of Western Massachusetts. Beyond … more

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