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Our Opinion: A teaching moment in Lenox school

The anguished response in Lenox to the use of a gender-insensitive word in a middle school play speaks well of the community. This incident can certainly be used as an educational moment, but we hope …

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Our Opinion: Separate track approach to exploring rail links Establishing passenger rail links between the Berkshires and both New York City and Boston would be of great potential to the county. The questions have been — where and how? The NYC track has …
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Much ado was made about last week's meeting with President Trump, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi because it was polite and civil and no one stormed out in anger. … more
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Town officials in Clarksburg and Stamford, Vermont, have a challenge ahead of them as they draw up a road map to merge the two schools. Complexities aside, the effort is definitely worth making given … more

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