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Berkshire Community College lays off 10 food service staffers

PITTSFIELD — In an uncertain budget and operational climate, Berkshire Community College has announced a round of layoffs. The college made an announcement on Thursday morning to faculty …

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"Zoom fatigue." Wi-Fi cutting out. Sitting in parking lots to learn. The struggle is real, people. But call it distance learning, remote learning, or a pain-in-the-butt — learning … more
PITTSFIELD — Commencement isn't the only question mark looming for school administrators as the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic stretch deeper into the spring months. Pittsfield schools … more
Most Berkshire County college students are wrapping up classes this week, albeit not on campus. Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts students had their last remote classes on Monday. Berkshire … more
When Gov. Charlie Baker announced on April 21 that schools and nonemergency child care programs are to remain closed until at least June 29, Ann Adams immediately thought of her granddaughter, … more
A writers' group usually starts with a good-sized table at the center of it, around which warm bodies and creative minds can gather. But in the times of social distancing, sometimes you have to … more
During these dark times, Berkshire County schools are looking to celebrate the bright spots. Berkshire Arts and Technology Charter Public School in Adams is celebrating its ranking in the top 20 … more
Whether you have a 4-year-old, 14-year-old or a first-year freshman home with you right now, it's an adjustment. Even up to his last moments on the Williams College campus before it closed down … more
CLARKSBURG — One by one, Mary Quinto's fifth graders dropped in for Thursday's morning meeting. But, rather than taking place in a Clarksburg Elementary School classroom, this meeting was … more
Schools might be shuttered due to this new coronavirus pandemic, but that hasn't stopped Clarksburg Elementary School teacher Mary Quinto from meeting with her students. While waiting for state … more
Families are finding themselves gathering more frequently around the kitchen table these days, but not in a way they had planned. Over the course of this month, tens of thousands of working … more

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