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'Leukemia Warrior' an inspiration to others

HINSDALE — It's not unusual to have a big party for your 16th birthday.

Making the Grade

Classrooms of the Week

Classroom of the Week: Creating a culture of respect through art and middle school

WILLIAMSTOWN — As her classmates began moving on to another exhibit at the Williams College Museum of Art, Mount Greylock Regional School seventh-grader Luka Lash-St. John lingered in front of …

Classroom of the Week: Monument Valley sixth-graders use their minds to solve local matters

GREAT BARRINGTON — What difference can 87 sixth-graders make? If you ask their teachers at Monument Valley Regional Middle School, the answer is "a lot." On Friday, they will present a check to …

Classroom of the Week: Youth Leadership Program participants learn to make sense out of money matters

PITTSFIELD — On Tuesday afternoon, 13 Berkshire County high school juniors sat down with a couple of adults to have the intimate talk a lot of kids and teens aren't getting at home — …

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PITTSFIELD — If Barrington Stage Company leaders want to attract younger, more diverse audiences, then they have to meet and teach youth what theater is all about. So this winter the BSC … more
GREAT BARRINGTON — Anyone who wants a role, gets it. That's the directors' policy for Monument Valley Regional Middle School's annual musical. No student gets turned away, and everyone has a … more
Nationwide, March is known as Music in Our Schools Month, a campaign to raise awareness of the importance of music education for all children in all schools. So, for the next few weeks, The Eagle … more
In advent of graduation this spring, Pittsfield High School student Anya Valdospinos sits down to talk with her English language teacher, Louise Celebi, about how far they’ve both come in … more
We asked Vermont educators and students what makes a good teacher. Here’s what they had to say: From students at Newbrook Elementary School: "My teachers help me to learn, and they take … more
Merging. Consolidating. Collaborating. For school districts across the region between the Berkshires and Southern Vermont, these concepts come with great potential, pose challenges, and in some … more
On a Thursday afternoon in late January, Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts Associate Director of Admission Kayla Hollins was sitting next to stacks of student welcome materials in a Smith House … more
Steven Vitt, 26, of Brighton, Mass., looks like and works just as hard as any other college student. In some ways, he's also worked harder. On May 17, 2014, he graduated as a member of the Phi Theta … more
There's a quiet revolution happening in local classrooms. It starts with closed eyes, one long, deep breath, followed by another. Through practice, this movement can lead to a more open heart, a … more
PITTSFIELD, Mass. — Anya Valdospinos arrived in Pittsfield in April 2016, just days before her 16th birthday, to live with a mother she didn't grow up with. Compared with the beautiful quincea … more

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