Episode 10 - Homeless, Unhoused, Unhomed

In Living Well Into The Future: Homeless, Unhoused, Unhomed now available on

WTBRFM.com, Pittsfield, and podcast streaming services, host Julie B Adler

discusses the state and stereotypes of homelessness with ServiceNet’s emergency

shelter manager at St. Joe’s shelter Julie MacDonald; Program Manager for

Berkshire Construct, Courtney Kimball; South Alamo Regional Housing For the

Homeless Board Chair, Leilah Powell; and Nina Lockwood and Kameron Rhys,

founders of a Youth Action Board to advise SARAH on helping youth. Their openness

about the issues leaves listeners with a greater understanding of the circumstances

and needs of the unhoused as well as the multiple ways that people can be reached,

housed, and aided. As in previous episodes, the guests contribute to the solutions

and present avenues for further discussion with the aim toward living well into the