Episode 11- Innovative Housing Solutions

Tune in to Living Well Into Future Episode 11, on WTBRFM.com,   apple podcasts, google play,

stitcher, and other streaming services.  Previous episodes in the housing series discussed

good design, housing and climate, sustainable and resilient housing, housing options,

affordable housing and homelessness. In this episode, we bring most of the topics and

the previous episodes together. Among other things, you’ll learn what it’s like to have a

robot as a team member. Host Julie B Adler, a lawyer, non-profit executive, radio producer,

writer and artist, speaks with Heather Holdridge,  an engineer with Lake Flato architects

and two architects, Lewis McNeel who led the Lake Flato. team that

designed House Zero in Austin, and architects. Stephen Colley, founder of

the Earthen Construction Initiative. Through them, we discover and rediscover exciting

and innovative tools and methods that could be added to our arsenal of solutions to

build sustainable climate resilient, healthy, beautiful, and affordable   homes in the