Most popular recipes

Comfort foods ruled in 2020, with soups, casseroles and family favorites making The Eagle's most-read food lists. 

Let's step into the new year (hello 2021 — you still look no different than 2020 right now, but I'm going to keep the faith!) and look back at a few of our greatest food hits from last year. 

My secret weapons for a perfectly flavored soup (deglaze with a little white wine, throw in a Parmesan rind and finish with a squirt of lemon juice) was a hit with readers as the cold winter nights set in and we were all looking for a little comfort in a bowl.

"I just made it this weekend and it was absolutely DELICIOUS! Unfortunately, the soup is gone ... otherwise, I would send you a picture! I’ve never used white wine or parmesan rind in a soup. I think those ingredients made the broth so full of flavor. Great tips!" — Michelle 

No shocker here; you were all looking for fun ways to warm up while gathering outside. 

Will Winn, the rickhouse manager at Berkshire Mountain Distillers in Sheffield, offered this great advice: “You want to be able to taste the spirit, but not cook it off.”

Cheers to that, Will!

This newsletter about the glory of sheet-pan dinners really reminded me that no matter what our circumstances are in life, we're all just trying to get dinner on the table. So many readers emailed me about my tips that it spurred me to think more about easy, no-brainer dinners. 

"I loved your article on sheet pan cooking ... I wanted more! It was real and light-hearted, which was what we all need right now. I’m a mom of a 6 and 9 year old. Thinking about dinner! Ack!" — Amy

Along the lines of weeknight dinner ideas, you all really loved a look at those retro recipes your grandmothers most likely handed down from the back of a box. 

And perhaps the food that most spoke to us in 2020 was, of course, a creamy, cheesy noodle bake. You all gobbled up my halved version of a decadent noodle bake that was perfect for a small family looking to indulge in a casserole for a night or two, but without the tray of leftovers. 

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