There are times when I’m out doing my weekly grocery shopping — rushing through the supermarket as quickly as I can, avoiding crowds as much as I can — when I’ll buy something, usually on sale, with no real idea how I’m going to use it, but to have on hand for an undetermined meal later in t…

My friend, Lisa, once told me she will not embark upon a recipe that requires her to cook something first before getting started on the recipe itself. Although I love to cook so much this will not necessarily deter me, I do understand her view. I preview a lot of cookbooks from the library, …

For more years than I can count, New Year’s Eve has been celebrated with a large party at the home of dear friends. The hors d’oeuvres are endless, the buffet dinner filled with myriad offerings, the dessert table laden with rich treats. Of course, not this year.

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