Candy Canes

According to, candy canes are the No. 1 holiday candy for residents of Massachusetts. 

Skip the foil-wrapped chocolate Santas and the holiday-themed M&Ms, we folks in the Bay State like to keep our holiday candy as traditional as our New England roots: peppermint candy canes are what make our Christmas bright, according to a survey done by

Every year, the online bulk candy store compiles data from its customers and other retailers to rate favorite holiday candies state-by-state. Massachusetts residents picked candy canes as No. 1, with Hershey's Kisses and Reese's Cup Minis in third. Nationally, noted, "Peppermint Bark continues to storm up the charts, increasing popularity nationwide as, for the second straight year, three new states have it as their No. 1 holiday candy."

According to the National Confectionery Association, Americans have been feeding their feelings through the pandemic with more candy than usual. Candy sales are up 3.8 percent for the period between March 15 and Aug. 9, and Halloween candy sales were up 12 percent. What will Christmas bring? Most likely more candy canes — thankfully, 1.76 billion candy canes are produced every year for the holiday season — and chocolate gifts that ship well. 

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