PITTSFIELD — A long year during which several aspects of the Berkshire economy were ravaged by COVID-19 finally is beginning to come to an end. How did the coronavirus pandemic affect the economy then, and what is anticipated? The Eagle decided to take a look.

In Berkshire Business Outlook, The Eagle’s annual special section on the local economy, we asked 19 leaders of various Berkshire entities to describe, in their own words, what they had been through with the pandemic and how they see the local economy emerging from it.

In this week’s Berkshire Business Insider, we take a more in-depth look at what has occurred, and what the outlooks are for five local economic sectors: restaurants, construction, real estate, tourism and culture.

When will the pandemic end?

What will the new normal look like?

No one knows the answers to those questions — yet. But, as we head further into spring, the run-up to the peak summer tourist season, which is crucial to Berkshire County, hard lessons learned during a year of struggle have left those whose work depends on the Berkshire economy cautiously optimistic about what lies ahead.

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