Cannabis. It doesn’t just grow itself. Well, actually, it can and will because it’s a plant. But if you really want cannabis to thrive and shine it requires what all other beautiful living things need: Love, care, and know-how.

With that in mind it’s worth shining a bright LED light on the faces working in a lush, thriving legal Massachusetts craft cannabis cultivation looks like in the Berkshires. In this case, the talented team behind Canna Provisions proprietary cannabis line: Smash Hits. Helmed by industry icon Greg “Chemdog” Krzanowski and Johnny Greenfingaz, their talented team of trimmers, pruners, water-ers, nutrient gods, compliance wizards, and one happy cannabis buddha (Chemdog), the Canna Provisions cultivation crew oversees thousands of plants in constant cycle, as well as a room of prized clones and mother plants (some that are 30 years old).

Visit Canna Provisions in Lee at 220 Housatonic St., online at or call 413-225-4085.