Pittsfield women who have knitted and sewed clothing for the local branch of the British War Relief Society to send to armed forces and bombed areas of Britain are receiving letters of appreciation from those who are wearing the garments shipped from the workrooms of 168 North Street. Because of the need of the British and the importance of aiding an ally, the society is anxious that workers and contributors continue their help.

One of the latest letters was written Nov. 30 by Neville Smith, from the sitting room of RAF quarters in Fife, Scotland, to Mrs. D. J. O’Leary of 1608 West Housatonic Street. The letter reads, “Very many thanks for your well knitted and well fitting pullover, which I received from our comforts fund with your name attached the other day. It was very good of you to take the trouble to knit it, and I very much appreciate it, as did many other fellows here, who received similar comforts from other people. We all here appreciate greatly the help America is giving us in this great struggle, and hope to have her fighting side by side with us in the near future, as her future, as well as ours, is clearly at stake. The struggle we believe will be long, but of ultimate victory we are certain.”

Another letter from Gwendoline Spunner, a small girl living for the duration at North Rugby, reads: “I thank you very much for clothes. I had two nice dresses, two pairs of knickers, a handkerchief and also a new pair of shoes. I was very much pleased with them. The lady I am living with has a chicken and it has hatched 19 small chicks. There is one black chick which is mine. On Thursday when we had a holiday, I went to Coventry in Mr. Hill’s lorry, the man whom I live with took me. It is a very nice place except the bombing. I am in school writing this letter to you. I am praying for you. I cannot say any more for now. So good-bye and God always bless you. Love and best wishes.”

A letter written from the British Hospital for Mothers and Babies in Woolwich, addressed to “Dear Mothers of America,” reads, “I wish to thank you for your great kindness in helping me with the baby’s clothes, as I had the misfortune of being bombed out just before baby arrived, leaving me only one set of clothes; making these come in very useful, which I received from you. Thanking once again, I remain, yours truly, Mrs. Garritt.”

This Story in History is selected from the archives by Jeannie Maschino, The Berkshire Eagle.

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