With the local option question in North Adams providing the only battleground, Berkshire County is voting today in the special statewide election on the issue of prohibition repeal. Up until noon the vote had been light, and indications pointed to an early tabulation of the results.

A campaign organized by men who applied for beer licenses and did not get them is enlivening the polling at North Adams, and the outcome will be watched with considerable interest. Should the campaigners succeed, the licenses of 30 sellers of beer and wine in the Tunnel City would be invalidated.

In spite of the city’s previous standing in the wet column, those who are backing the no-license drive believe they have a chance to make it dry so far as beer is concerned. They are figuring the total vote will be light since there was little interest in the election until the campaign was started, and the no-licenses votes which they say will mobilize at the polls, representing friends of unsuccessful applicants for licenses, together with the no-licenses votes which will be cast by the real and sincere drys will constitute a majority.

In Pittsfield, the voting up until noon was extremely light. Even those who did cast their ballots did so apathetically, and the balloting places were unusually quiet. No campaigning was in evidence in the city, and with both Democratic and Republican City Committees on the sidelines, enthusiasm was distinctly lacking.

The polls in Pittsfield opened at 8:30 and will close at 5:30. Voting by wards, the city rolled up about 500 votes at 10 o’clock, and at noon the total was estimated at only a little over a thousand. Unless there is a decided trend this afternoon, it is doubtful if the city will cast half of its registered vote.

This Story in History is selected from the archives by Jeannie Maschino, The Berkshire Eagle.

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