BASCOM LODGE, Mount Greylock — The Democratic state convention's endorsee for governor, Endicott P. (Chub) Peabody of Cambridge, made good last night a promise of a weeklong tour of the state that would take him from the tip to the top of Massachusetts.

He and his family camped out here on the state's highest elevation (3,491 feet above sea level at last count) last night after a week of camp-outs in state forests and reservations. The tour started Monday at Cape Cod (sea level) where the Peabodys pitched their tents and a Ford Greenbriar (which sleeps four uncomfortably) at Nickerson State Forest, Brewster.

Theoretically, the idea is to exploit the state's natural resources. But so it wouldn't be a total loss, Peabody is doing some campaigning on the side. Furthermore, he is being followed all the way by Look Magazine photographers and writers, and there will be a feature in the semi-weekly publication about a week before the Sept. 18 primaries.

Yesterday afternoon, Peabody talked turkey to delegates in North Adams, whose votes at the Democratic state convention two weeks ago deprived him of winning the Berkshire district delegation. His organizers in this area had expected a 2-1 vote from North Adams but instead it went to his opponent, Lt. Gov. Edward F. McLaughlin Jr. "I would say," Peabody said last night, "that as a result of my meeting I am in good shape in North Adams again."

But while he may be in "great shape" politically in Northern Berkshire, the physical aspect was another thing. The first stop he made, making him tardy for a political gathering at the Hotel Phoenix, North Adams, was the center of the Williamstown Medical Associates for treatment for poison ivy.

"I picked it up, I guess, while we were at the Douglas State Forest," he said, "but you can say that I must have really made the contact on the Rhode Island section of that preserve. After all, with Look Magazine, the state Department of Commerce and all the other promotional agencies that are interested in our tour I certainly can't say that I picked up poison ivy in Massachusetts."

Peabody, who at 42 is as strapping and energetic as he was in 1941 when he was selected for All-American football honors, also made good on his promise to scale the state's loftiest mountain on foot. But so did his Berkshire County coordinator, Prof. James M. Burns, a 49-year-old academician. The two men made the 2,400 foot ascent in 2 hours, 10 minutes, accompanied by their sons, Cotti Peabody (Endicott P. Jr.) and Stuart Burns.

This Story in History is selected from the archives by Jeannie Maschino, The Berkshire Eagle.

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