One woman, said to be Mrs. Carl Wiggins of the south part of Peru, was the cause for the failure of the little Berkshire Hill town made famous in years gone by, because of the picturesque, “Mayor” Frank G. Creamer, to register 100 percent of all eligible voters in town.

Mrs. Wiggins, when asked to register, gave no specific reason saying that she just didn’t care about it. She did not say whether she adhered to the old anti-suffragist view, but just said she did not care to leave the farm to be eligible to vote on Nov. 6.

Many of the townspeople registered keen disappointment over their failure to get Mrs. Wiggins to register, for what with the removal of their fighting general, “Mayor” Creamer to Pittsfield, the departure of the young people from the farms that once flourished in town, they find it difficult to keep Peru on the map. If a 100 percent registration had been obtained, the townspeople feel that Peru would have had just claim to further claim, and the name of Peru would be carried generally by the press of the country for its extraordinary achievement.

As matters stand now, the town has 69 registered voters out of a population of 113. This is a percentage of 61 percent of the population.

“Mayor” Creamer, who has been a staunch democrat although a friend of the late Senator W. Murray Crane, could not be located today to state whether he planned to stick by “Al” Smith or whether he would go over to the Hoover ranks. His decision will be awaited with interest. He is a strong rooter for David I. Walsh.

In 1924, Peru cast 16 votes for Coolidge, four for Davis and five for La Follette. Republicans claim that there will be no departures from their ranks this year and that Peru will be found in the republican column when the smoke and thunder of November 6th has cleared.

The town of Lenox has also established an enviable record. It was stated yesterday that Hinsdale probably had the best record of registration of the Berkshire towns but now comes Lenox with a registration of 52 percent of its population against Hinsdale’s 49 percent. In Lenox, 1499 persons are registered while the population of the town is estimated at 2895.

This Story in History is selected from the archives by Jeannie Maschino, The Berkshire Eagle.

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