To the editor:

The Eagle editorial page Saturday published a Wahington Post opinion piece that urged the renaming of military installations bearing the names of Confederate generals on the ground that they were traitors who committed treason against the United States. It appeared next to a cartoon equating Jefferson Davis with President Trump. While I think these symbolic gestures expressing outrage against all things white and admiration for all things black have gone way over the top, it is nice to see that The Eagle is at least a foe of traitors.

So I hope The Eagle will also rage against the historical plaque on the lawn at the Mason Library in Great Barrington honoring Laura Ingersoll Secord, who during the War of1812 traitorously alerted British troops about a pending American attack, commending her "tenacity and courage." Seems to me those Confederate generals showed a lot more tenacity and courage than Ms. Secord.

But perhaps the folks at The Eagle aren't foes of all traitors, only those who don't accord with whatever cause de jour they're promoting at the time. Obliterating history does nothing for the common good. It's just juvenile.

Richard Allen,