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To the editor:

In the setting of a pandemic we need spirited leadership, not a flat reading of limited scope.

We need clarity not confusion and corrections and chaos.

We need international leadership, not isolationism.

We need cooperation with our allies, not blame for "a foreign virus."

We need scientific facts and advancement and preparation, not fear and fiction.

We need preparation, both scientific and medical, not platitudes and false assurances.

We need support for PEOPLE not for corporations.

We need funds for people now not more tax cuts.

We need awareness of the personal costs, not platitudes.

The pity is that this administration gutted the pandemic group at the CDC, failed to recognize this emerging threat as it became apparent in December and January, downplayed this problem from the start, and struggled to form a team to work with the good people at the CDC and NIH to protect the people of this nation. If ever there were a need for responsible and efficient leadership this is the time. Where is it? Nowhere to be seen in this administration.

Leonard H. Sigal,



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