Letter: We must do something about climate change
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To the editor:

I am concerned about what global warming is doing to our planet. There are currently two hurricanes, two tropical storms, three low-pressure areas (one of which will become a hurricane in a few days).

All of these storms are in the Atlantic now (except Sally). I have studied weather for a few years. This is not normal. The Atlantic is definitely warmer. It will get warmer if politicians in Washington don't do something about it. There are forest fires in California and Oregon that have destroyed 1.2 million acres of forest. They have been burning for months and will continue to burn. There were historic floods in the plain states in the U.S.

This is not going to stop. Again, if politicians in Washington don't do something about it, it will continue and get worse. For those of us in the Northeast, blizzards could happen in the winters to come. Catastrophes like this will happen if we just sit by and say nothing. Then we will have to take the blame for all this. The time to act is now. It is time to influence politicians in Washington. This situation will not go away folks. If you know of some people or group who want to do something about this contact them. Again this situation will not go away.

Thomas Marini,



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