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Letter: Review inexplicable loss of Hoosac coach

To the editor: I join with Ron Wojcik supporters who seriously question the termination of a coach who brought not only basketball championships to Hoosac Valley but taught his players the value …

Letter: An open letter to Trump on that stimulus check Dear President Trump, I got your letter accompanying the economic impact payments check for $2,400. You note that this payout is designed to "protect hardworking Americans ... from the …
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Letter: Cell tower fight leaves residents feeling unrepresented To the editor: Come on, Pittsfield. The mayor and councilors are (supposed to be) here for the people, and to support and protect the people. Not only was there inadequate notification and scant …
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To the editor: Our president practices alternate arithmetic. If 99 percent of COVID-19 cases are "harmless," as he claimed recently, that means 1 percent of the 3 million cases contracted in our … more
To the editor: Kudos to Dr. Spector for his letter to the editor ("Trump, not poem, is a torrent of hate," Eagle, July 9). He eloquently captures the essence of the man who occupies the highest … more
To the editor: The way that we produce and consume energy is dangerously problematic. Evidence of climate change in Massachusetts is clear. Sea levels are rising, extreme weather events are … more
To the editor: It was so good to read Larry Parnass' piece on the Turnpike exit in Blandford being defeated because the citizens of Blandford put it on the ballot and voted it down. ("Blandford … more
To the editor: The Civitan Club of the Berkshires held a can and bottle drive near the end of last month to raise money to feed the hungry. Over 20,000 returnables were collected throughout the … more
To the editor: Ending speciesism entails giving all nonhuman inhabitants the same rights for which all humans struggle. The majority of animal rights activists do not concur with this concept, … more
To the editor: In the piece "BJFF puts on film festival in a 'completely new way'" (Eagle, July 5), you feature the Berkshire Jewish Film Festival's Judy Seaman, who we learn is in her fourth … more
To the editor: I think it's wonderful, as Julie Boyd is proudly declaring, that because Actors' Equity Association has given Barrington Stage permission, it will be the first theater in the county … more
To the editor: It's not only the people who live in a neighborhood who should object to a cell tower going up next door. We had many worries when we learned that AT&T was proposing to install … more
To the editor: I'm responding to Dayton DeLorme's letter ("Destroying nation to defeat Trump," Eagle, July 3). I wholeheartedly agree with you! The Democrats saw a selfish opportunity to support … more

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