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Letter: Make distinctions among men's failures

To the editor:While I agree with Marion Rosenfeld that it is incumbent on all decent, civilized men to treat the "weaker sex" with respect, I feel that the punishment meted out on the men who have …

Letter: Tyer has advanced successful new approaches To the editor:National issues such as substance abuse, homelessness, crime, education and the economy have trickled down to local communities along with the current divisive political climate. Fear …
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Letter: SBRSD supt is failing the challenge To the editor:SBRSD Supt. Beth Regelbuto is on record calling allegations of impropriety and a pending lawsuit as "spurious" and makes her dislike of the two current whistle blowers evident. This …
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To the editor:I was undecided on who to vote for as mayor of Pittsfield. I checked out Melissa Mazzeo's Facebook page. I checked out Linda Tyer's Facebook page. I noticed the comments on Tyer's were … more
To the editor:The national political picture in these challenging times is characterized by embattled partisans filled with vitriol and empty rhetoric losing their voices in the echo chamber of … more
To the editor:Some people may ask "Why Helen Moon, but I say, "Of course Helen Moon, she makes a difference."I'm grateful that she represents Ward 1 on the City Council. She is a champion of many … more
To the editor:I have many questions about the lawsuit involving a Pittsfield school principal and a teacher. ("Jury sides with district in Pittsfield teacher's suit claiming whistleblower … more
To the editor:I was born in Italy 85 years ago, and my mother brought me to the U.S. via Ellis Island at around 14 years of age. I have lived in Pittsfield for 71 years and have always been a … more
To the editor:Several months ago, I was admitted to the Berkshire Medical Center (BMC) emergency room suffering from acute lower back pain. Within a short time, I was transferred to the BMC hospital … more
To the editor:I was delighted to read the Oct. 15 article "On Beacon Hill, Lee student testifies on plastic straw use in state, gets civics lesson, too" about 15-year-old Keely O'Gorman boldly going … more
To the editor:The recognition of having Columbus Day celebrated as a federal holiday, as instituted by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1937, was something that Italian-American parents, … more
To the editor:I agree with Mitchell Chapman's Oct. 15 oped column about a walkable Pittsfield. ("We need a walkable Pittsfield.") I call in many deteriorating sidewalks in the city to the Public … more
To the editor:I usually enjoy your page B2 daily quote from decades ago, but I was surprised by the headline of the piece from the Oct. 17, 1933, Eagle: "Stargazers dedicate observatory, first of its … more

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