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Letter: MIAA not serious on violence

To the editor: In the report of the recent meeting of the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association (MIAA) football committee, there is no evidence that the safety of the game received …

Letter: Saved for best? To the editor: When I was a child, I had clothing which my mother described as always being "saved for best." What this ultimately meant was that the clothing was never worn, and hung in the …
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Letter: BMC policy is a sick joke To the editor: If the article in the April 3 Eagle regarding BMC nurses had appeared on April 1 I would have had a good chuckle. A great April Fools joke. I can't imagine an organization that …
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To the editor: Regardless of what Fox News' fake news keeps broadcasting to cover for Trump, this has to be the worst handling of a major catastrophe in our nation's history. And it is only going … more
To the editor: I retired as per diem RN nearly 20 years ago. I still have a number of, much younger, friends who are working at BMC or their affiliates, risking their lives every time they show up … more
To the editor: Both my husband and I grew up in Williamstown. The daffodils that were in the paper recently were planted by me and Patty Brundage, another local women, in honor of those that lost … more
To the editor: In what can only be interpreted as an aggressive attack on the nurses' union, following the adage that the best defense is a good offense, BMC publicly argues that the voice of … more
To the editor: I have spoken to dozens of people, in regards to what the CDC has said time and time again recently about wearing some sort of cloth face covering when out in public. At this point, … more
To the editor: As nurse managers at Berkshire Medical Center who are on the units every day and who witness everything our hospitals have done to fight the coronavirus, we find it difficult to … more
To the editor:Lanesborough Police Chief Timothy Sorrell has postponed his retirement in order to "help see Lanesborough through the global health crisis." ("Lanesborough police chief will stay, … more
To the editor:To all you Trump haters: How can you say he is not performing his duty? Why don't you liberals watch Fox News instead of fake news CNN, NBC and so on? You might learn something.This … more
To the editor:We all struggle with the pandemic of COVID-19 and my heart goes out to all caregivers, and to those who have the virus or whose family members do. (In my case, I have an elderly sister … more
To the editor:Reading your daily "Letters to the Editor" section I find is often interesting and informative, sometimes funny, and always worth a read. Today (April 6), I started to read the rather … more

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