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Letter: Many good reasons to vote Republican

To the editor: This letter is in response to Clark Terry Mahony'Jan. 11 letter where he pleaded for somebody to help him understand why any man or woman would vote for a Republican at any level of …

Letter: Republicans spread Russian disinformation To the editor: The impeachment trial has been hard to stomach. The entire trial demonstrates the deep-seated bipartisan toxicity of politics in 2020 and the shock waves of disinformation. While …
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Letter: DA is quick to praise herself To the editor: How fitting that the Jan. 24 Eagle front-page article in which her former general counsel accuses District Attorney Harrington of running a "campaign culture" in her office appears …
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To the editor: In a conversation with a neighbor, I became aware that many families struggle to purchase diapers. Because of my current volunteer work and past work, I was not surprised to hear … more
To the editor: A petition signed by more than 150 concerned Pittsfield residents was filed with the city to restrict commercial, industrial, outdoor marijuana-growing facilities in residentially … more
To the editor: I was very glad to learn that Pittsfield was interested, after all this time, to get an evaluation of its parking meter system. ("Officials launch survey about parking in … more
To the editor: Thank you for the wonderful article on Janie Pellish and her successful efforts in all that she does to help with food insecurity in Berkshire County (Eagle, "Janie Pellish … more
To the editor: This is in response to Joe Flynn's Jan. 18 feature article "Presenteeism — not absenteesim — biggest drain on workplace productivity." Presenteeism, as the author … more
To the editor: Martians took away all the exculpatory evidence Donald Trump needed to use. There is no evidence and no witnesses the Senate and the American people need to see in order to … more
To the editor: We thank you town of Adams employees who plowed the streets/roads and made the sidewalks clear and free for us drivers and walkers during this past weekend's storm. Much, much … more
To the editor: I would like all of my fellow citizens, regardless of political affiliation (or lack thereof), to please consider this. Imagine a multibillion-dollar corporation where the Board of … more
To the editor: Midnight Moscow Mitch McConnell is living up to the moniker Morning Joe Scarborough gave him. With McConnell as well as Trump, all roads lead to Putin. Not only is a Russian … more
To the editor: We need more Jeanne Kempthornes in the world. We need more people who adhere with faithfulness and bravery to a strict moral compass ("DA's office whistleblower resigns over public … more

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