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Letter: Plane on moon photo attests to Enquirer's credibility

To the editor: When shopping at supermarkets around town, it seems virtually impossible to check out without confronting the cover of the current National Enquirer. It doesn't usually inform the public …

Letter: Prison system failing many county women To the editor:I am sorry to hear that the Berkshire County House of Correction has insufficient room for the incarceration of women. ("Long-distance lockup," Eagle, Feb. 3). This is contrary to the …
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Letter: Let new WRHS be our legacy To the editor:Let's take a look at our legacy. What exactly are we leaving to our kids and grandkids? Climate change, rising national debt, few opportunities to have a better life than their parents, …
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To the editor:I am not writing to express my opinion on the merits of the Wahconah Regional High School project, but rather to object to the misleading cost figures in the article "New school plan … more
To the editor:I am responding to the Feb. 12 letter headlined "Insulting depiction of new abortion act." I feel bad that anyone should think that they need to have an abortion. Doctors and nurses do … more
To the editor:Brian Hunt's Feb. 7 letter regarding TEDxNorthAdams "Elitist Tedx fails to involve community" appeared to trivialize the hard work put in by people in the community, and I think that is … more
To the editor:As Yogi Berra would say, it's d j vu all over again. The Eagle's Feb. 14 editorial ("Krens' ambitious vision for Northern Berkshire") naysaying about Thomas Krens' cultural and economic … more
To the editor:To the people of North Adams:As some of you are aware, Mass MoCA was solely responsible for the paint-over of the historic art work done by the children of our city located on Marshall … more
To the editor:Dear President Trump:"Above all, don't lie to yourself. The man who lies to himself and listens to his own lie comes to a point that he cannot distinguish the truth within him, or … more
To the editor:I grew up across the street from what was the Breezy Knoll Inn-ITAM. In the 1950s, it was a great, quiet, residential neighborhood. We kids rode our bikes and played ball in the street. … more
To the editor:I wonder what $5.7 billion could do to help clean up the gangs who terrorize Salvadoran and Guatemalan families and make them flee for their lives to el Norte? If we're considering … more
To the editor:Eleven unaccounted for Super Bowl points have been found in the trunk of a prominent Democratic activist's car. There is no evidence that this rumor is true, but the 9th Circuit Court … more
To the editor:These days, many regulations are set up for big companies but are applied to small business. That means businesses like mine have to comply with those regulations and pay the costs even … more

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