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Letter: MoCA sign impedes view of drivers

To the editor:As a lifelong resident of the Northern Berkshire area, I can't help but notice the increase in entertainment and events happening in the area. With the improvements, transformations and …

Letter: Provide lifeguards on Windsor Lake To the editor:As a longtime citizen of North Adams who cares a great deal about our kids, I was chagrined to learn in The Eagle (June 24) that the North Adams city government has cut funding for …
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Laurie Tierney: Drop gloom and excuses - explore city's downtown PITTSFIELD — I've been reading the recent headlines about malls around the country and their slow, steady death and demise. I hear people who come into my store lament "Oh no, what happened to …
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To the editor:In reference to David Pill's June 21 oped column "New school buildings should be last option," there is a great deal of pressure on building committees to exercise restraint and they … more
To the editor:Alan Chartock was both wise and prescient in his "I Publius" column of June 22. On that first full day of summer, Mr. Chartock told Eagle readers that: "Support is crucial for groups … more
To the editor:Today I heard Oprah Winfrey interview a remarkable, courageous 90-year-old woman, Edith Eva Egar, PhD. who claims we shouldn't keep to ourselves events too hard to tell. "Dare to speak … more
To the editor:The Berkshires are known for rolling hills and a beautiful countryside. It is a road biker's delight to travel the back roads throughout the county. To stay safe and respectful of … more
To the editor:OK, Trump lovers, according to news reports, your hero is leaving little children at our southern border with no blankets or soap. Mothers are wiping feces and vomit off little children … more
To the editor:As a subscriber for over half a century, following The Eagle in its ups and downs, I find the paper today to be the best it has ever been.It is unfailingly delivered early every … more
To the editor:Just last month, I stood in the room in Rochester, N.Y., where Susan B. Anthony was arrested for trying to vote in the 1872 election. She was tried, convicted and fined $100, which she … more
To the editor:I was 5 years old when I witnessed the German invasion of my country. A few days later, Nazi flags were flying all over the city. It only took one year until Nazi soldiers, with the … more
To the editor:Every election, eligible Massachusetts residents who want to cast a ballot are prevented from participating due to an arbitrary and out-of-date registration deadline. To end the … more
To the editor:Residents of the once-"Village Beautiful" may get a preview of the latest assault to the compromised aesthetics of Williamstown. On Routes 2 and 7 just south of the library and the … more

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