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Letter: Our diet choices impact climate change

To the editor:Celebrated on April 22, Earth Day is meant to inspire personal and political action to stem climate change and protect the future of the planet. One of the most important decisions that …

Letter: Distinction between undocumented, illegal To the editor:As letter writer Leon Serra correctly states (April 19), it's not illegal to enter the United States and request asylum. Immigrants who do this are "undocumented" not "illegal."However, …
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Letter: Follow-up needed on Greylock superintendent To the editor:Thank you to Rick Paris, the courageous Lanesborough custodial supervisor, for shining a light on the darkness emanating from the Mt. Greylock School District's superintendent's office. …
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To the editor:There's nobody left to implore himTo learn presidential decorum.He's crude and conceited, So until he's defeated,It's probably best to ignore him.Andy Gordon,Lenox more
To the editor:House bill H.2007 would ban organized youth tackle football for middle school age kids or younger. This bill is just plain wrong on all facets! Its just another way for Joe Government … more
To the editor:I would like to respond to the April 17 article, "State outlines new round of timber cutting in public forests." It is very disturbing to see that Department of Conservation and … more
To the editor:If David Brooks announced his candidacy for president I would be thrilled. His April 17 oped commentary "Five lies our culture tells" should be read by every American, every Republican, … more
To the editor:I wonder how long a local economy can remain viable when two of its largest employers are health care and the school system? For a sustainable and vibrant community, a more diverse … more
To the editor:A wood duck mallard and his mate are swimming in the northwest corner of the pond, as they do most every spring. His colors are iridescent green, red, orange. She is shyly camouflaged … more
To the editor:I wrote a poem to say thank you to some people who helped me through a hard time. The poem is based on situations where various people had touched my life and the lives of my family and … more
To the editor:In recent years, there have been major protests over climate change. I know it is a big problem and it's not only just outside, but also in the political circle. There is no end in … more
To the editor:I was previously hired as a full-time adolescent outreach case manager at the Brien Center in Pittsfield. The wage for the position was $13.62 hourly. I have a bachelor's degree in … more
To the editor:Oh, that Clellie Lynch!Not only does she fill our empty heads with fabulous amounts of bird lord, but she does it by writing in a beautifully poetic, charming, graceful and lovely way. … more

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