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Ruth Bass | Aquamarine waters yield a morning of fun and a great lunch

RICHMOND — On a mini vacation without cold winds, single-digit temperatures and gray skies, we sat at a table on a beach in the Florida Keys and looked at the platter in front of us with …

Letter: Let's do climate control right for new Wahconah Regional High To the editor:A better headline for The Eagle's Jan. 16 story regarding Wahconah Regional High School in Dalton would have been, "The five Dalton Select Board members don't give the voters enough …
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Letter: Feeling unsafe in a dangerous city To the editor:In the summer of 2011 I made a very foolish decision to go walking on North Street at about 10 at night. As I was walking near the bus station on Columbus Ave. I was jumped by five or …
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To the editor:The new Wahconah High School is a golden opportunity to showcase the best future for the region. We need to reduce demand (always the right option), maximize on-site clean energy and … more
To the editor:I hail from Memphis, Tenn., a southern city with a huge homeless population. Due to Tennessee's regressive tax system there is little or no money for social services. As such, many … more
To the editor:This is not Trump's wall, it's America's security wall. If security and protection are not important to you, prove it by taking the doors off your homes. I haven't yet seen this on any … more
To the editor: Bravo to the young activists who are challenging their leaders — and the rest of us — to take immediate action on the climate crisis (https://bit.ly/2HlXqDj). Will Governor … more
To the editor:Since Monday was MLK Day, I thought I'd say something. What he would say and do about the government shutdown is an item to consider. I think MLK would say to his close friends that … more
To the editor:I've always liked the word, "asset." It has a positive ring to it. If you have assets, then that's a good thing. But here in 2019 the word has suddenly taken on a negative connotation. … more
To the editor:As the partial government shutdown drags into its second month, President Trump continues to hold hundreds of thousands of government workers hostage to his demand for cash to build a … more
To the editor:Without a doubt, Trump's behavior and comments are not something that most Americans have experienced from any previous administration regardless of party. It does not stretch one's … more
To the editor:The Catholic Church is in crisis. Jesus Christ founded the Church more than 2,000 years ago. He experienced a brutal death to allow us to have eternal life. The Church is strong. Truth, … more
To the editor:Isn't it sad and tragic that while there are so many TV commercials appealing for financial help in supporting animal shelters there are no commercials appealing for money to support … more

Hops farm, a local landmark, is transplanted POWNAL — Hoppy Valley Organics has moved to farmland on nearby Burrington Road, with the sale of its well-known location along Route 7 in Pownal.The farm produces hops, which function as the …

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