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Letter: A pointless impeachment process

To the editor:In a previous letter this year I said that impeaching the president would be a waste of time and money. It still is. Democrats' obsession with removing the current president is a …

Letter: Political inconvenience is no defense To the editor:To Mr. Gilardi, who wrote that "the Democrats in Congress have done virtually nothing for the American people in the past three years," (Eagle letter, Nov. 9) here are some facts that …
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Letter: Democrats are biggest threat to democracy To the editor:Approximately $40 million has been spent investigating Russian interference in our elections. Yes, the Russians have attempted and continue to try affect our elections. However, it is …
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To the editor:As the holiday season is in full force, I find myself reflecting over Christmases in years past and missing loved ones who are no longer here. Life is unpredictable, and you never know … more
To the editor:How interesting. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue wants to "encourage people to move off government assistance" but supports the $16 billion plan to subsidize farmers hurt by … more
To the editor:With all due respect to Fred Rutberg, I strenuously disagree with his conclusions in his Dec. 3 op-ed. ("Here's why the impeachment inquiry shouldn't be rushed")Of course, today, Dec. … more
To the editor:I live in the Morningview Drive neighborhood. After this past week's snowfall — the first of the year — our streets are horrible. There is snow packed and ruts everywhere. … more
To the editor:Some people have argued that they want horse racing at the Great Barrington Fairgrounds because we "need the revenue." While my objections revolve around many factors, let's ask what … more
To the Editor:Dear members of Congress: You are very well aware of the high cost of prescription drugs, not just for seniors, but for every one. How long will you allow these drugcompanies to get … more
To the editor:Five years ago, I founded the Berkshire Community Diaper Project with the generous help of Jane Tillman, Ph.D., and Elizabeth Weinberg, M.D., both from the Austen Riggs Center, and with … more
To the Editor: Medicare for All. Universal Health Care. The Affordable Care Act (AKA Obama Care). Employer-based health insurance with options. Private health insurers. Whatever it's called, wherever … more
To the editor: As appalling as the act of killing a bear for no reason except satisfying the hunter's blood lust is the Eagle's use of soothing euphemism to encourage the act. In what sense was the … more
To the editor:Regarding the dangerous traffic situation on Route 7 at the driveway to Monument Mountain Regional High School, it would help if the speed limit was unambiguously 35 mph along with … more

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