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Letter: Review inexplicable loss of Hoosac coach

To the editor: I join with Ron Wojcik supporters who seriously question the termination of a coach who brought not only basketball championships to Hoosac Valley but taught his players the value …

Letter: Stop the hate, embrace friendship To the editor: For generations, if you are different you are hated. Before the new world, the king and queen would say you had to be of the same belief as them. Europeans who came to the new world …
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Letter: Camp uses pandemic to fire veteran workers To the editor: We have all been affected by COVID -19 in some way, but luckily my friends and family all have their health. I would like to share with you how my husband was terminated from his …
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To the editor: Upon learning of Jimmy Archey's passing, I began to reminisce about his life. Outstanding athlete in his youth, devoted husband and father, respected career educator and successful … more
To the editor: Below the radar, Berkshire County appears to be in the cross-hairs of entrepreneurs and developers looking to make money from growing cannabis. The very things we love about our … more
To the editor: On Fox News I heard Greg Gutfeld make an interesting observation. We are deeply divided, but it's not Black vs White as most people think, and as the media reports. Hard-working, … more
To the editor: The Massachusetts House and Senate are at it again. Through out the China virus crisis they have ignored the working people, small businesses, elderly and .veterans. They have made … more
To the editor: I have been living in this beautiful neighborhood for 13 years. I moved here to raise my daughter and start a new life. My search for the perfect house in a cozy friendly community … more
To the editor: Perhaps the most startling story that came across the news this week involves college students from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. These educated, young adults are hosting COVID parties. They … more
To the editor: When calling friends on my iPhone, The topic turns to Donald J I scream and yell and then bemoan the fact that Faith has gone astray. I wonder how a God could … more
To the editor: My compliments for the grand article by Jack Lyons on the thoughtful dairy farming of the Aragi family. They are concerned about the environmental impact of their livelihood. … more
To the editor: I'm feeling lots of appreciation to our communities as so many take good care to keep our COVID numbers down, and to keep issues of Black Lives Matter front and center. There's … more
To the editor Every day this paper has letters bashing our president. I do not believe that all these people condone what is happening to our beloved country. Are they willing to destroy what our … more

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