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Letter: On guns and mental health

To the editor: In recent years, there are cases where gun owners are outraged when the government tries to take them away. Let alone there are people who are unfit to own and keep them away from …

Letter: Mayor Buttigieg has valuable experience To the editor: One of the many responsibilities of the president is managing people, and mayors have that responsibility as well. Senators have only their staff to manage. Two Democratic …
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Letter: No PCB landfill anywhere in county To the editor: Have you heard: "it's the best we could get, it's a done deal, and this chapter will be over"? Congressmen, state reps. and selectboard officials may have spoken, though the …
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To the editor: What does it mean to be a racist or to accuse another person of being a racist? All points lead West, East, North and South . It's global. Why are these comments defining our … more
To the editor: I am writing in reply to Carole Owens' Feb. 4 oped column "Franklin's timely warning." In all, I am appreciative of Ms. Owens' work and in agreement with her tenor and argument. … more
To the editor: I would like to know how the local Chambers of Commerce plan to spin the new developments with GE. Oh, I know: come visit the new toxic waste dump in the Berkshires! It appears … more
To the editor: Time and nature have taken care of it. Nobody eats fish or swims in the Housatonic River, but paddlers enjoy its calm flow and picturesque scenery, and the wildlife is thriving. … more
To the editor: In his Feb. 12 letter headlined "White House right to oust Vindman," Ed Dartford suggested that Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman should attend "boot camp" to "learn the soldier's duty … more
To the editor: If you haven't been to Boston in a while, or haven't talked to people trying to buy a house in the metro area, you probably have no idea how hot the Boston economy really is. … more
To the editor, Regarding recent and past letters concerning the Berkshire Carousel, I, too, am dismayed at the demise of the carousel. As a former volunteer/carver, I am especially upset for those … more
To the editor: "Those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it." — Edmund Burke The criticism has frequently been leveled against the leaders of today's GOP that they failed in … more
To the editor: There is only one reason to deny horse racing in Great Barrington: Many horses die or are put to death after being injured in a race. If this is your reason for being against … more
To the editor: What qualities do you look for in a leader? Never before in the history of America has this question been more important for us to ask ourselves. The 2020 presidential election will … more

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