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Letter: Plane on moon photo attests to Enquirer's credibility

To the editor: When shopping at supermarkets around town, it seems virtually impossible to check out without confronting the cover of the current National Enquirer. It doesn't usually inform the public …

Letter: 'Emergency' declaration from wanna-be dictator To the editor:The president said in so many words that he didn't have to declare an emergency, but he did it because it was "faster." He himself stated in those words that his action is one of …
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Letter: A new Wahconah for students, community To the editor:For over 58 years, students have passed through Wahconah Regional High School with hopes of having successful and bright futures. As a current student of Wahconah Regional, I strongly …
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To the editor:Lately, I have been trying to figure out how I can help pay for the proposed new Wahconah high school, the soon-to-be higher sewer tax, my usual bills and keep my home.I have lived in … more
To the editor:I can't believe Rep. Richard Neal hasn't signed on to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Green New Deal. Does he not represent the green and beautiful Berkshires? Does he not have children who … more
To the editor:According to an article in Friday's Eagle, Big Y in Adams is closing due to limited space to enlarge the store for adding a pizza oven and a sushi bar. Did the Big Y ever do a survey to … more
To the editor:The Eagle publishes a listing of our local, state, and federal political representatives. The listing is generally very informative but the most recent one omits a very important … more
To the editor:The most troublesome aspect of the new recreational marijuana dispensaries are the sterile, hospital-like, locked-down environments the marijuana is purchased in and the plastic … more
To the editor:I am sorry to hear that the Berkshire County House of Correction has insufficient room for the incarceration of women. ("Long-distance lockup," Eagle, Feb. 3). This is contrary to the … more
To the editor:The first presidential debates have been scheduled, necessitating two nights to accommodate the mass of Democratic hopefuls.With so many announced candidates (more will join in ) it's … more
To the editor:Many thanks to the Berkshire Democratic Brigades for sponsoring a talk given by Massachusetts attorney John Bonifaz at the Berkshire Athenaeum on the evening of Feb. 13. The talk was … more
To the editor:I am not writing to express my opinion on the merits of the Wahconah Regional High School project, but rather to object to the misleading cost figures in the article "New school plan … more
To the editor:I am responding to the Feb. 12 letter headlined "Insulting depiction of new abortion act." I feel bad that anyone should think that they need to have an abortion. Doctors and nurses do … more

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