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Letter: Democratic candidates are overreaching

To the editor:Let us review the recent two Democratic debates:Medicare for all, free college, free pre-kindergarten, student loan forgiveness, teacher raises. How can any of this come to pass when …

Letter: Join clergy effort to help immigrants To the editor:Since the end of 2016, the Trump administration has acted aggressively toward the immigrant. Our country's assault on individuals and families over the last several years has been a …
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Letter: Skeptical about Jacob's Pillow incident To the editor: I read Pamela Tatge's July 11 commentary "Jacob's Pillow dismayed by racism at gala" and was a little surprised that the paper printed this commentary without some skepticism. I for …
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To the editor:I am writing in response to Leah Dadus's July 14 letter entitled "Skeptical about Jacob's Pillow incident." For some, I am sure it is hard to believe that such ignorance exists in a … more
To the editor:I was at the American Legion in Dalton on a recent Friday evening in the downstairs pub. I had a great time singing karaoke. They have tons of songs to choose from and small pizzas that … more
To the editor:I just read Ray Gardino's letter of July 10 about lack of coverage in The Eagle of our county's Relay For Life.I was driving a shuttle bus that is provided free of charge, from 4 until … more
To the editor:Our Constitution explicitly prohibits any bill of attainder. Such a bill is designed to target a specific individual, for example President Trump. Use of such bills was one of the most … more
To the editor:Somini Sengupta's July 6 article about global warming cites reforestation studies and points out the challenges for one-dimensional climate change "solutions."Planting trees does not a … more
To the editor:Mr. Gary Pratt's letter in the Eagle (July 12) made so much sense! I hope everyone has a chance to read it, because he states what we must agree to be true: Stop drug abuse by realizing … more
To the editor:One of the most dangerous intersections in the area is the intersection that joins Dalton-Division Road, Washington Mountain Road and Williams Street. Someone, please paint the lines. … more
To the editor: Perhaps the towns of Lenox and Pittsfield should consider changing the name of Pittsfield Road between Holmes Road and Dan Fox Drive to "Hash Alley" or "Pot High Street."Soon, permits … more
To the editor:Columnist Alan Chartock waxed nostalgic recently about the Friendly's restaurant on Main Street in Great Barrington and the Awful-Awful. It was advertised as awfully big and awfully … more
To the editor:According to a letter published July 10, enforcing a junk vehicle ordinance in North Adams keeps the working poor from driving to work. This is a strange accusation since the ordinance … more

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