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Letter: Stockbridge can complete honor to Du Bois

To the editor:Stockbridge residents will have the opportunity to vote on a motion to rename the middle school in honor of W.E.B. Du Bois in a town meeting on Monday. The motion has been brought to …

Letter: Use your turn signals To the editor:Too many drivers seem to believe in ESP and do not use their turn signals at all. There are drivers who sit at a red light, and after it turns green, think that this is the time to use …
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Celia Armstrong: A sobering look at youth in city of Pittsfield PITTSFIELD — Some of the content in the following essay may be shocking or even hard to read for some. All the data in this essay is real and obtained from direct or reliable sources. This is a …
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To the editor:Alan Chartock's May 18 commentary "Seasonal rail pilot program an ill-advised use of taxpayer dollars," regarding the Berkshire Flyer, was spot on. I have been outspoken about the wrong … more
To the editor:After living in Pittsfield for many years, I am currently a resident of Hinsdale. However, I still make it a point to visit the fine establishments in downtown Pittsfield whenever it … more
To the editor:Our front yard has a driveway, a turnaround, a couple of barns, a car and a truck. The back yard is thousands of acres of wilderness and wildlife, that stretches east in to the next … more
PITTSFIELD —I can think of three common activities that people willingly engage in that kill each other in huge numbers. The first, obviously is war. The second thing is permitting anyone … more
To the editor:On behalf of the Thursday Morning Club, its board of directors, members and program chairwoman Linda Coons, I wish to thank the community for its support of our May fundraiser, Bingo a … more
To the editor:As many readers of The Berkshire Eagle may know, in early 2019 a bill was proposed by Massachusetts lawmakers to ban youth football before seventh grade. This bill known as "No Hits" … more
To the editor:In regard to the statement in May 17's Eagle editorial that "followup [on the reaction to a derogatory word in a school production of the musical 'Shrek'] should be left to capable … more
To the editor:I never in my life expected to be called part of a "cabal" that is "wealthy, lives up on the hill, and think they own and control Stockbridge." (Jim Balfanz letter to the editor, May … more
To the editor:The citizens of North Canaan, Conn., turned out in force on May 13 at the Planning and Zoning town meeting to support the adoption of an amendment to the zoning regulations to not … more
To the editor:Whether a person likes or hates President Trump, it should be clear to all but the most blinkered that there is a set of rules for the ordinary citizen and another set for those with … more

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