Mendel and the Mike: Howard Herman talks winter, fall II and spring sports

Mike Walsh and Jake Mendel of The Berkshire Eagle's sports department host a podcast about sports in Berkshire County. The Mike is muted this week and Jake is joined by Howard Herman to discussing the wide-range of possibilities for local sports to close out this year.

Howard offers all the answers regarding Berkshire County sports, which starts with why only some schools were playing basketball in early February (1:12) before discussing what it has felt like covering games (3:22). Being at these games, the idea of getting rid of the tip-off in high school basketball wouldn't be too out of this world (6:15).

Lee and Drury are joining the basketball season next week (8:50) and people are wondering when the Fall II, and a football season, potentially begin (13:30).

The show's final topics include the idea of basketball returning to The Boys and Girls Club of the Berkshires (15:20), what could happen this spring (17:54) and some NFL chatter following the trade of Carson Wentz (21:55).

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