Michael Canales

In their one-year evaluation of Town Administrator Michael Canales, Stockbridge Select Board members described Canales as “a pleasure to work with." His communication with the Select Board, as well as the Finance Committee, was deemed “admirable,” the document states. 

STOCKBRIDGE — Just after the one-year anniversary of his hiring as town administrator, the Select Board has thrown a bouquet to Michael Canales, the former No. 2 local government leader in North Adams.

His initial three-year contract from last summer has been extended and replaced by a three-year agreement that takes effect Thursday, Select Board Chairwoman Roxanne McCaffrey told The Eagle. Canales gets a $100,000 annual salary for year one. A 3 percent raise is built into the agreement in year two and again in year three.

McCaffrey, with Selectmen Ernest “Chuck” Cardillo and Patrick White, evaluated Canales’ first-year performance and came up with a string of superlatives representing the consensus of the board, she explained.

“It was an excellent review as anyone could expect,” she commented. “Everything has gone really smoothly, there has been a lot of communication.”

The overall rating for Canales, who remains a North Adams resident, ranged from excellent to commendable, according to the document.

“Overall, Michael Canales has met our expectations and exceeded them in some areas,” the board members wrote in their consensus evaluation. “He is what Stockbridge needed in a town administrator.”

McCaffrey pointed out that, when hired, Canales faced a backlog of major, deferred town projects. But, he assimilated information and acted quickly, she noted.

“Michael has earned the respect and trust of town employees and has made progress on administrative procedures,” the joint evaluation stated. “He has made great progress in learning the town culture and getting to know our residents; he is well thought of and respected by our board and committee members.”

Select Board members described Canales as “a pleasure to work with. His strength in fiscal matters is evident and he has greatly benefited Stockbridge by adopting a budget which meets future anticipated needs as well as realistic fiscal year operational costs.”

Canales’ communication with the Select Board, as well as the Finance Committee, was deemed “admirable,” the document states. “This Select Board is genuinely pleased and confident that we selected the best candidate for the position. He has already proven to be an asset to Stockbridge and it is our desire to see him continue in his role as town administrator.”

Provisions of the original contract remain in place, including:

• Preparing and administering all department budgets under supervision of the Select Board;

• Serving as the board’s agent for all collective bargaining negotiations;

• Acting as the chief procurement officer responsible for proper board execution of all contracts and payments for goods and services;

• Administering the town’s personnel plan, conducting applicant interviews with the Select Board and department heads, with responsibility for employee relations, issues and discipline;

• Preparing and administering all town grants, except for the Police Department.

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