Bousquet umbrella brand

Mill Town Capital acquired the former Berkshire West Athletic Club and the former Lakeside Christian Camp, and is bringing the properties under the Bousquet brand.

PITTSFIELD — Bousquet Sport will have the ability to serve beer and wine, after securing a wine and malt club license at Monday’s Licensing Board meeting.

The sports club, which was known as the Berkshire West Athletic Club until it was purchased by Mill Town Capital in December, doesn’t currently serve alcohol.

“The rollout of this service will likely coincide with some improvements to the facility, which are still being evaluated, but we don’t have an exact timeline on that,” Bousquet Sport manager Eric Cooper told the board.

Wining and dining at Bousquet Sport are part of Mill Town’s larger plans for a recreational hub at Bousquet Mountain. The development group purchased the ski area in May 2020, and the former Lakeside Christian Camp and the sports club in December.

Cooper said that, since the change of ownership, new tennis courts and fans have been added to the club and a professional cleaning service has been hired for the facility.

The Monday Licensing Board meeting also included an update on the alcohol club license held by the shuttered Polish Community Club at 55 Linden St. The board said that a lack of response from the club’s leadership might require the board to return its license to state control.

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Club manager Steve Fillio told the board that alcohol hasn’t been sold at the building for “six years or more” and that he has been trying to find a buyer for the license so that it doesn’t return to the state.

But, the board said that Fillio doesn’t have the corporate authority to decide what happens to the license. Multiple requests by the board to the club’s previous president for an update have gone unanswered.

“The club would have to do it, and to me, the club is not organized — there’s no board of directors, there’s no president,” Vice Chair Richard Stockwell said. “This is a big problem for me and this license.”

The board decided to give the club president and leadership until their Nov. 29 meeting to sign off on a transfer and sale of the license. If no progress is made on finding a buyer, the board will discuss rescinding the license at the meeting.

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