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GREAT BARRINGTON — Major rail efforts are underway in Connecticut and Massachusetts that now demand public-private partnership and active coordination between elected officials and departments … more
WILLIAMSTOWN — For most Americans, climate change is real, caused by human activities, but not high on the list of priorities. That is to say, it hasn't injured them yet or, more likely, they … more
GREAT BARRINGTON — Windsor town fathers, cognizant of the 19th Amendment ratified by the states in 1920, for the first time drew the name of a woman for traverse jury duty. That was in January … more
NEW YORK — Much of my working life has been spent watching, teaching and writing about films, narrative works as well as documentaries. Recently I looked at two documentaries, both shown at … more
WESTPORT, CONN. — Beware the lure of the intangible. This month, if you've bought your books via the Microsoft Store for electronic consumption, you lost them all as it shut down. It is the … more
To the editor:How can we define ourselves in this country of ours when there exists a dark well of bigotry within potentially enlightened people? It was distressing to hear of one woman of color who … more
EAST CHATHAM, N.Y. — Before sunrise in the cool of the morn when the tall trees surrounding the house are inky silhouettes in the faintest of daylight, catbirds begin to sing, barely taking a … more
PITTSFIELD — Donald Trump does it again. And again. Just when you think he has reached a new low in dragging the presidency and, along with it, the country down, he surpasses it yet again. So … more
STOCKBRIDGE — Beginnings are fascinating. Whether considering the beginning of our vast country or of our tiny Berkshire villages, discovering where something started is instructive. If we … more
DALTON — "Come a little bit closer, gingerbread boy." Sometimes I feel just like the witch in "Hansel and Gretel," but I'm not trying to lure kids into an oven. No, I'm trying to lure a … more

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