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Chan Lowe: The skills of yore are scarce this Yule PITTSFIELD — Since this is the season of buying and giving, it's appropriate to opine on what has happened over the years to our expectations and the quality of the stuff we purchase.My hobby …
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PITTSFIELD — Charitable giving from individuals is the lifeblood of the nonprofit sector and critical to maintaining the social fabric of the Commonwealth. But during this year's holiday … more
DALTON — November is the month when we turn our thoughts to two different groups of individuals who sacrificed much for a cause. Veterans left all they cherished to protect us all. Some never … more
PITTSFIELD — Residents of the nation's interior often take unkindly to the term "flyover states" to characterize their part of the country. This is understandable since the phrase inevitably … more
GREENFIELD — Veterans Day, celebrated this past Monday, began as a commemoration of World War 1. WW 1 was the first industrial war. Poison gases, flamethrowers, aerial bombing, submarines, and … more
PALERMO, Sicily — On a spring day in 1992, a bomb exploded in under a highway outside this city, the capital of Sicily, killing an Italian judge named Giovanni Falcone. Two months later, … more
PITTSFIELD — Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) at a Trump rally last week in Louisiana said: " President Trump has doubled the growth in the greatest economy in all of human history. And do you know … more
Once upon a midnight dreary, I was pondering my theory. On a very humble dish which has caused many to be snide. Avocado spread on toast, just carb with protein, yet it boasts. An eager condescending host of people happy to deride. What about the avocado … more
PITTSFIELD — Are there parallels to be drawn between Berlin and the Soviet Union during the Cold War, and Hong Kong and Communist China today? It's a thought-provoking comparison that has a … more
PITTSFIELD — Transportation in the Berkshires is in crisis. It's a crisis that unfolds daily, and is most deeply felt by people who depend on our sporadic, limited public transportation to get … more
CAMBRIDGE, Ma. — Nearly two decades ago in "The Illusion of Preservation," Harvard forestry researchers Mary Berlik, David Kitteridge and David Foster argued that "local citizens must consider … more

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