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WILLIAMSTOWN — I am my mom's health care proxy and power of attorney. I am her eldest child and have always lived close by. My younger brother grew up in the Berkshires but moved to San … more
DALTON — Once upon a time, there were nothing but green trees in the forest. Beautiful trees to be sure, but one color only. There were tall trees and short trees, evergreen and deciduous, old … more
LUNENBURG — After the first World War, before the Great Depression, what was shaping Pittsfield's future? Now published online, "City of Pittsfield Municipal Registers, 1920-21" reveals early … more
" There were many trails of tears all over North America of indigenous peoples who were forcibly removed by government forces. The indigenous peoples who are making their way up from the Southern … more
PITTSFIELD — In 2015, renown city planner and lecturer Jeff Speck visited the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts to give a talk based on his book, "Walkable City: How Downtown Can Save … more
MONTEREY — The Village Meetinghouse on the green in New Marlborough has tall, wide windows that spread sunlight across the pews in its plain, spacious interior. It is a communal space dancing … more
WILLIAMSTOWN — Attending too much to the news, some of us may have missed out on the joys of the season, but chances remain. We should acknowledge that as far as the weather goes in these … more
GREAT BARRINGTON — This has been a banner year for remembering the exciting times of 1969 — the Stonewall riots, Hamburger Hill, "Give Peace a Chance," the lunar landing, Woodstock, … more
NEW Y0RK — This summer I attended two striking theatrical productions in the Berkshires. The first was Edward Albee's "The Goat," which won a Tony in 2002, and which was a finalist for a … more
WESTPORT, Conn. — With Bernie Sanders' heart attack last week, perhaps precipitated by the stress of campaigning with unabated revolutionary fervor, coupled with head-snapping contradictory … more

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