Hunter Cohen (copy)

Act on Mass held a rally in Amherst last year to build support for transparency reforms in the Massachusetts House. Now, the advocacy group wants to get a ballot question before Pittsfield voters in November.

PITTSFIELD — Seeking greater transparency in the Massachusetts House, an advocacy group is working to put a nonbinding ballot question before Pittsfield voters this November.

Act on Mass, a left-leaning group that has led the pursuit of transparency-minded reforms, wants Pittsfield voters to weigh in on whether they want their representative to vote in favor of making committee votes public.

State Rep. Tricia Farley-Bouvier, who co-chairs the House Progressive Caucus, represents the district that encompasses Pittsfield and is facing a challenge from Republican Gina Divola.

The House previously has voted down rules changes backed by Act on Mass.

Farley-Bouvier has said that she does not find it necessary to make committee votes public, although she lists her own committee votes on her website.

The measure would not become law if voters approve the question. Rather, Act on Mass says that the ballot question provides “a way for constituents to directly and publicly tell their representative how they want them to vote on an issue.”

The group identified 34 “priority” districts for the ballot question based on where House leaders, contested races and underrepresented communities are.

In 2020, 1st Franklin District voters approved a nonbinding question to make committee votes public with nearly 90 percent support.

The question needs 400 signatures in a district to appear on the 2022 ballot.