New Adams Police Chief

Adams Police Chief R. Scott Kelley, middle left, and Administrator Jay Green walk up to Town Hall in Adams for the chief’s swearing-in ceremony in January.

ADAMS — After a glowing evaluation, one that was late in arriving, it looks like town Administrator Jay Green is getting not one raise, but two.

Because the coronavirus pandemic delayed the annual evaluation of the town administrator, the Select Board on Wednesday heard the results of what was supposed to be an evaluation of his first year on the job, which he started in March 2019.

According to Green’s three-year contract, the evaluation was supposed to have been done after the first year. Last month, he completed his second year, which also should have triggered an evaluation.

After Board Chairwoman Christine Hoyt went through the evaluation results, the board agreed to a 3 percent raise, retroactive to the start of his second year in March 2020. But, because the evaluation was so late and came in after the start of Green’s third year, last month, the board wanted to grant another raise, for his third year.

The contract allows for a raise of up to 5 percent, depending on the results of the evaluations.

Select Board Member Richard Blanchard wanted to make it a 4 percent raise, while Member John Duval wished to keep it at 3 percent.

Blanchard said the evaluation was strong and warranted a 4 percent raise for the final year of Green’s contract. Duval thought 3 percent was more in line with the scoring of the evaluation, and likened it to the 2 percent raise granted to lower-ranking town staff.

For the first raise, Hoyt, Duval and Blanchard voted in favor. Board Member Joe Nowak abstained because he was unsure of the legalities and logistics. Nowak said it had nothing to do with Green’s performance.

“I have a lot of respect for Jay; he’s done a good job,” Nowak said.

For the second raise, Duval proposed a 3 percent hike, but he was the only vote in favor. Then, Blanchard proposed a 4 percent raise. Hoyt and Blanchard voted in favor, Duval voted no and Nowak again abstained.

“He obviously does commendable work,” Blanchard said.

Green was hired in March of 2019 with a contracted annual salary of $90,000. The 3 percent raise, retroactive to March 25, 2020, brought his annual pay rate to $92,700. The 4 percent raise, retroactive to March 25, 2021, raised that level to $96,408.

The four Select Board members evaluated Green separately, the results of which then were merged into an overall evaluation.

In the performance category, which includes such items as “characteristics and skill” and “community and citizen relations,” Green scored an average of 3.45, on a scale of 1 to 4. His score landed him in the middle, between satisfactory and commendable.

Performance on goals showed significant progress in achieving set goals, even during the pandemic.

In the narrative, the board wrote, “The Town of Adams and the Board of Selectmen are fortunate to have the services of Jay Green as Town Administrator. His positive demeanor, cooperative attitude, and strong work ethic have put Adams in a positive growth and community spirit position. The Board members look forward to being part of the team led by Jay that will bring business growth, community pride, local government leadership and support for the current, former, and future residents of Adams.”

Further comments read: “Because of his ability to manage all of this, it is sometimes forgotten that he is still managing a community that is addressing a global health pandemic. Adams is in a better position because of his leadership and he should be commended for the work that he has done and continues to do for the residents of our community.”

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