Cone flip screenshot

Adams Police Officer Greg Onorato flips three cones in and a barrel in a video shared by the Adams Police Department Facebook page. 

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ADAMS — It's probably not in his job description, but Officer Greg Onorato recently decided to have some fun at a construction site and, in turn, bring some smiles to people in town. 

With his cellphone recording, the Adams police officer and former high school wrestler carefully flipped three construction cones in the air, each landing right side up. He capped it off by flipping a large barrel, which also landed right side up, and then did a cartwheel toward the camera. 

"I think it is hilarious that everyone likes the cartwheel," Onorato said. "[Being a wrestler,] flipping around is pretty common — I assumed most people can do it. I was pretty pumped after the flips and decided to just do it." 

Not even a construction worked who passed by during the recording could interrupt his concentration. 

"If you're going to flip three cones and a barrel you can't let anything distract you," Onorato joked. "I locked right in and got the job done." 

The video has been shared over 120 times and has over 450 reactions on the Adam's Police Department Facebook page. 

"Honestly I took the video as something funny to show the guys at work," Onorato told The Eagle. "I didn't expect anything other than a joke among friends, then someone asked if we could share it on the Facebook page."

Onorato confirmed that he only needed two tries to complete the performance, after his phone fell on the first attempt. 

"Laughter is the best medicine." Onorato said. "With everything going on in the world it is important to take a mental break. A bit of fun and laugher is good for everyone." 

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