Alford Town Hall (copy)

Voters passed all 16 articles and the town’s $1.57 million fiscal 2022 operating budget Tuesday at Alford’s annual town meeting.

ALFORD — Voters approved all 16 articles and the town’s $1.57 million fiscal 2022 operating budget with little discussion at Alford’s annual town meeting Tuesday night, according to Select Board Secretary Roxanne Germain.

The item that generated the most interest was a proposal to expand the town’s historic district, according to Germain. The measure suggested adding three properties — Botham Park, The Triangle and the parsonage property, also known as 9 Alford Road — into the area.

In the warrant, the town asked that these three properties be added to the historic district because they are “all integral and contiguous pieces of this small-town center to maintain the integrity of the quintessential New England town feature.”

Also, voters approved:

• A $464,133 allocation for the town’s share of the Southern Berkshire Regional School District’s operating/transportation and capital budgets and bond;

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• $407,000 to operate the AlfordLink Enterprise Fund;

• $195,000 to purchase a single-axle dump truck and snowplowing equipment;

• $8,000 to support the Regional School District Planning Board, which is studying the feasibility of consolidating the Southern Berkshire and Berkshire Hills regional school districts;

• Combining the treasurer and tax collector offices into one position.

A total of 43 registered voters participated in town meeting, which was held outdoors, under a tent.