Sheriff Tom Bowler, right, and the Berkshire County sheriff’s office are warning people that scammers have used the department’s number to try to steal money.

The Berkshire County Sheriff’s Office warns that scammers are using the office’s phone number in an apparent attempt to steal money from county residents.

In a release Wednesday, Sheriff Tom Bowler said his department has received reports that community members are receiving calls soliciting bail funds.

“Those that were calling were impersonating an inmate and looking for bail money from a family member,” the sheriff’s office wrote on Facebook. “[They were] stating, ‘Hi Grandma.’”

The office said that scammers were relying on spoofing, a technology that allows people to fool caller ID into displaying the wrong phone number.

“If you have received such calls, please hang up immediately and DO NOT provide them with any personal information such as bank account numbers, social security numbers,” the office warned. “If you do not recognize the number calling, we advise you to just let it go to voicemail and return the call only if it is a known party calling.”

This is just the latest scam that Berkshire County residents have been warned about. Last week, the city of Pittsfield urged special caution around COVID-19-related scams, including testing offers and vaccine misinformation.

People have also be cautioned not to post images of their vaccination cards on social media.