CHESHIRE — Voters chose a returnee and a newcomer to serve the next three years on the Select Board.

During Cheshire’s annual town election Monday, Raymond Killeen, a selectman from 1996-99, was tops in a three-way race, garnering 252 votes. Right behind Killeen was Shawn McGrath, at 248 votes, winning his first municipal race. The odd man out was former Board of Health member and current water commissioner Michael “Mickey” Biagini Jr., who received 158 votes.

Local elections officials report that Monday’s turnout was sparse, as only 362 of 2,501 registered voters — 14 percent — cast ballots at the Community/Senior Center.

The remaining races were uncontested or had no candidates listed on the ballot.

Together with Adams, which also held its annual town election, Cheshire voters returned two incumbents, facing no opposition, to the Hoosac Valley Regional School District Committee.

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Cheshire’s Bethany DeMarco had a total of 990 votes (Cheshire 292; Adams 698); Adams committee representative Michael Mucci had 995 votes (Cheshire 278; Adams 717). All committee members of Hoosac Valley are elected districtwide.

Five other Cheshire incumbents running unopposed sailed to victory at the polls: Everett “Gus” Martin for Board of Assessors; Rick Guerney, Water Commission; Brian Trudeau, Board of Health; Tax Collector Rebecca Herzog and Town Clerk Christine Emerson. All won three-year terms.

Other uncontested races had Stephen LaFogg elected to finish out the last year of Ronald DeAngelis’ term as a water commissioner, with Aaron Singer grabbing a four-year term on the Planning Board.

The three positions in need of candidates did have write-in votes, but who the candidates are and whether any had enough support to win wasn’t immediately known Monday night, as elections officials had to hand count the write-ins.

According to the computer printout of results, 37 write-ins were cast for a three-year stint on the Cemetery Commission; 51 write-ins for the available five-year Planning Board seat; and 55 for the final year of a vacant seat on the Planning Board.

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