GREAT BARRINGTON — A dream will likely come true on Monday for Randy Weinstein — and anyone who wants to see the legacy of W.E.B. Du Bois exalted. 

Weinstein will present a proclamation to the town Select Board that would establish Feb. 23, Du Bois' birthday, as W.E.B. Du Bois Legacy Day. He said he's spoken to board members, all of whom are "gung-ho."

Based on his research, Weinstein thinks Great Barrington might be the only municipality in the U.S. to do this. 

"I've been on this quest for over 20 years now," said Weinstein, founder and director of The Du Bois Center on South Main Street, as well as co-chairperson of the town's W.E.B. Du Bois Legacy Committee. 

The town has, in the last few years, reversed decades of local suppression of Du Bois' legacy. If approved, the proclamation would add to the recent list of honors for the NAACP co-founder, educator and writer who was born and raised in Great Barrington. 

In September, for instance, local school officials renamed the middle school for the towering thinker who spent his life grappling with the question of human freedom.  

Weinstein said businesses and other organizations are encouraged to honor Du Bois Day, and the town would continue to hold lectures, music and other events, as it has done since it began week-long celebrations of Du Bois in 2017. 

But Weinstein has always wanted to drive recognition of Du Bois deeper into town consciousness.

"I opened The Du Bois Center because I wanted to bring the town closer to Du Bois," he said.

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