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Egremont voters approved citizens petitions to ban several cannabis licenses, although those petitions still need majority support at the June 8 town meeting.

EGREMONT — Voters opted to ban several cannabis licenses in Egremont, although those proposals still need to garner majority support at next month’s town meeting to take effect.

The six cannabis-related ballot questions effectively would prevent any additional retail stores from opening other than the locally owned Devine Berkshires, which already has been approved, and prohibit cultivator, product manufacturer, craft cooperative, delivery operator and transporter licenses in the town.

Residents voted 148-93 on Tuesday to limit retail, 144-97 to prohibit cultivators, 150-93 to prohibit product manufacturers, 145-96 to prohibit craft cooperatives, 139-100 to prohibit delivery operators and 144-95 to prohibit transporters, Town Clerk Juliette Haas said in an email.

Of the 1,082 registered voters in the town, 245 cast ballots Tuesday, for a 22.6 percent turnout rate.

Residents will get to weigh in on the cannabis issue again at the June 8 town meeting, and the same citizens petitions approved at Tuesday’s election would need majority support at the meeting to take effect. The petitions are supported by Egremont Together, a group of residents that formed after shutting down two outsiders’ campaigns to start cannabis businesses in Egremont.

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A separate effort to regulate cannabis comes from the town Planning Board, which has drafted a bylaw that it plans to present at a public hearing after the town meeting.

While one citizens petition effectively would prevent further retail licenses beyond Devine Berkshires, the draft bylaw would allow up to two, including Devine Berkshires. The bylaw also would allow lower-tier cultivation licenses but regulate them.

In 2016, the majority of the town had approved the state referendum to legalize recreational marijuana, and residents voted down a 2019 effort to temporarily ban all cannabis licenses until bylaws were written.

No seats on the ballot were contested. Voters reelected Haas for a one-year term as town clerk, as well as Assessor Francine Beth Groener (three-year term); Moderator Stephen L. Cohen (one-year term); Select Board member Mary Ann Brazie (three-year term); Cemetery Commissioner John Wells (three-year term); Library Trustee Margaret A. Muskrat (three-year term); and Tree Warden James M. Olmsted (one-year term).

Stephen Kirk Lyle, elected to a five-year term, will become a new member of the Planning Board.

Danny Jin, a Report for America corps member, is The Eagle's Statehouse news reporter. He can be reached at, @djinreports on Twitter and 413-496-6221.

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