NORTH ADAMS — The Freight Yard Pub has closed in-person dining temporarily, after one staff member tested positive for the coronavirus.

The employee who tested positive had worked minimal hours on one day early last week, owner Colleen Taylor told The Eagle.

The restaurant shut down Saturday, after learning about the case that day, according to Taylor. She said she immediately requested testing of all staff members and, so far, has not seen any additional positive cases.

On Monday, the restaurant announced to customers via Facebook that it was switching to takeout and delivery only for several days.

“It is not that we did anything wrong,” Taylor wrote. “It just is the fact that COVID-19 has reached our area.”

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The Freight Yard Pub in North Adams temporarily has switched to takeout and delivery after a worker tested positive for COVID-19.

The staff has used a new Path-Guard dry fogging system to disinfect the restaurant every morning, Taylor said. Employees working must have had no contact with the infected staff member or produced a negative test result.

“If anyone comes down with any symptoms — cough, cold, sore throat — we’ll retest you to make sure we didn’t test too early,” she said. “That’s the guidance that we got.”

Taylor added that she hopes her transparency will mean retaining the trust of her patrons. “What we’re really trying to do is help the community,” she said. “I think that’s how everyone should be.”

Taylor expects the restaurant to reopen for in-person dining this week.

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