Egremont town hall

The state has lauded Egremont (its Town Hall is shown here) for green practices that have reduced solid waste output and increased use of renewable energy. 

EGREMONT — The town is among seven other communities or institutions across the state to be honored for reducing solid waste and using renewable energy sources.

The Baker-Polito administration on Friday announced Egremont received a Leading by Example Award for using renewable sources for 24 percent of the town's electricity, installing solar panels that meets 40 percent of energy needs in town buildings, and educating residents to reduce garbage processing.

The annual awards, administered by the state Department of Energy Resources, go to public higher education institutions, municipalities and people working in the public sector for "initiatives that advanced substantial energy and emissions reductions, sustainable landscaping practices, renewable energy installations, energy efficiency, waste minimization, electric vehicle infrastructure, and a host of initiatives that reduce environmental impacts and costs for state and municipal operations," according to a statement. 

Egremont was designated a Green Community in 2016, which put it on this path. Results of state grants of $136 million to Green Communities include a statewide reduction of emissions, heating oil and fuel and expanding pollinator-friendly habitats, the statement said.

State Sen. Adam G. Hinds, D-Pittsfield, praised the town for its "commitment."

"Egremont shows that moving toward a sustainable future begins in our neighborhoods and local communities," he said.

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