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New podcast episode: Listen to 'Living Well Into the Future' with Julie B Adler

Julie B. Adler Koppenheffer, producer of the Living Well Into the Future podcast, created a two-part series of podcasts that captures the excitement and the unique voices of some of the indigenous speakers and artists as well as the non-indigenous scholars, lecturers, and discussion leaders who participated in the month long University Days Program of Berkshire OLLI : We’re Still Here: Indigenous People of the Northeast, parts 1 and 2.

Julie B Adler, radio/podcast producer, lawyer, non-profit executive, writer and artist, hosts the broadcast/podcast series Living Well Into The Future produced in Berkshire County, supported in part by Berkshire OLLI.

She introduces listeners to problem solvers ranging in age from their 80s to their 20s. Guests from the Berkshires and around the nation discuss big issues such as food, climate and housing. LWITF encourages listeners to discuss and work toward their own solutions.

Living Well Into The Future is available on WTBRFM, Pittsfield, and is streaming widely.

Episode 13- Resilience at the Root: Evolution of a Community Based Environmental Organization
Resilience at the Root” identifies actions individuals can take to enhance their own economic and physical health as we delve into the inspiring story of how the leaders of the Center for Ecotechnology (CET) addressed the challenges of the oil crisis of the seventies and the waste crisis of the nineties innovatively by meeting the community and citizens “where they are.” Hear how their early novel programs turned mainstream and set CET up to have an even greater impact creating resilience in the face of environmental challenges today.
Episode 12 - Working with Nature of the “Living Well Into The Future”
What can we learn from nature? Find out when host of Living Well Into The Future,Julie B Adler, speaks with guests Kathy Zarsky, founder of Biomimicry Texas and Holos Collaborative, and Kate Sector, Project Design Manager for Lake Flato architects, members of different generations. Their vivid illustrations show how the use of principles such as biomimicry and biophilia, living system design, and others create products good for the environment and good for people.
Episode 11- Innovative Housing Solutions
Tune in to Living Well Into Future Episode 11, on WTBRFM.com,   apple podcasts, google play, stitcher, and other streaming services.  Previous episodes in the housing series discussed good design, housing and climate, sustainable and resilient housing, housing options, affordable housing and homelessness. In this episode, we bring most of the topics and the previous episodes together. Among other things, you’ll learn what it’s like to have a robot as a team member. Host Julie B Adler, a lawyer, non-profit executive, radio producer, writer and artist, speaks with Heather Holdridge,  an engineer with Lake Flato architects and two architects, Lewis McNeel who led the Lake Flato. team that designed House Zero in Austin, and architects. Stephen Colley, founder of the Earthen Construction Initiative. Through them, we discover and rediscover exciting and innovative tools and methods that could be added to our arsenal of solutions to build sustainable climate resilient, healthy, beautiful, and affordable   homes in the future.
Episode 10 - Homeless, Unhoused, Unhomed
In Living Well Into The Future: Homeless, Unhoused, Unhomed now available on WTBRFM.com, Pittsfield, and podcast streaming services, host Julie B Adler discusses the state and stereotypes of homelessness with ServiceNet’s emergency shelter manager at St. Joe’s shelter Julie MacDonald; Program Manager for Berkshire Construct, Courtney Kimball; South Alamo Regional Housing For the Homeless Board Chair, Leilah Powell; and Nina Lockwood and Kameron Rhys, founders of a Youth Action Board to advise SARAH on helping youth. Their openness about the issues leaves listeners with a greater understanding of the circumstances and needs of the unhoused as well as the multiple ways that people can be reached, housed, and aided. As in previous episodes, the guests contribute to the solutions and present avenues for further discussion with the aim toward living well into the future.
Episode 9 - Affordable Housing: Who Needs It
In Episode 9 of Living Well Into The Future , “Affordable Housing: Who Needs It” host Julie B Adler speaks to practitioners from the Berkshires and across of the country who are working on innovative and far reaching solutions to the affordable housing gap affecting larger and larger sectors of the population. Barney Stein, realtor with Lance Vermulean Realtors, June Wolfe, Housing Director for Construct in the Berkshires, Leilah Powell, Executive Director of LISC-San Antonio, and businessman and developer Victor Miramontes, Managing Director of CM Properties, whose adaptive reuse of a former seminary won the Jack Kemp, chairman’s award from the Urban Land Institute, share their experience. Their insights reveal practices that invite further exploration and discussion of ways to increase affordable housing locally.
Episode 8 - Housing Options:  Housing that fits your needs
Host Julie B Adler speaks with Leilah Powell, Executive LISC San Antonio about why now is the time to explore alternate modes of housing; Mary Kraus, architect and facilitator of co-housing communities throughout North America, a resident of Pioneer Valley Co-Housing, about the characteristics and benefits of a co-housing community; and Barney Stein, real estate broker with Lance Vermulean Real Estate, in […]
Episode 7 - Sustainable and Resilient Housing
Host Julie B Adler speaks with Anita Ledbetter of Build San Antonio Green, a city wide organization, Emily Jones of LISC-Boston, a statewide organization,and Stephen Colley, president of Earthen Construction Initiative. Though of different generations and of different places, they all work to create sustainable and resilient housing for all. They’ll discuss why we need […]
Episode 6 - Housing & Climate
Host Julie B Adler, a lawyer, non-profit executive, radio producer, writer and artist, speaks with Bill Moomaw , lead author of 5 Intergovernmental Panel On Cliimate Change Reports, including the one that won the Nobel Peace Prize for Climate Change in 2007, and Margot Moomaw, his wife and partner in building a Net. Zero House […]
Episode 5 - Good Design For A Healthy Future
Host Julie B Adler, a lawyer, non-profit executive, radio producer, writer and artist, speaks with Ted Flato, FAIA, principal and founder with David Lake of the award winning architectural firm LAKE/FLATO, 67, and LAKE/FLATO Project Architect Evan Morris, AIA, LEED AP BD +C , 33, about the considerations that go into homes whether single family […]
Episode 4 - Food, Health and Body Weight
Living Well Into The Future, Episode 4- Food, Health, and Body Weight. Host Julie B Adler reaches across generations to speak with Dr. Lisa Nelson, family physician, who runs a group called Healthy Living, Healthy Eating; Dr. Hilary Seligman, an expert on food insecurity; Dr. Stephanie Beling, author of Power Foods: Good food, Good Health with Phytochemicals, Natures Own […]
Episode 3- Good Food
Living Well Into The Future, Episode 3- Good Food: Food You Enjoy and Food That Is Good forYou. Host Julie B Adler reaches across generations to speak with food lover, cook book writer,and food historian, Elizabeth Rozin, also Peter Alvarez, and Homero Toro about the flavors andenjoyment of food from various cultures, and forward thinking […]
Episode 2 - Food Is Medicine
Host Julie B Adler discusses the consequences of and solutions to having too little food or too much food that is unhealthy with guests; Dr. Hilary Seligman, Professor at the University of California San Francisco with appointments in the Departments of Medicine and of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Senior Medical Director for Feeding America, and founder of Vouchers for Veggies, […]
Episode 1 - Food Production
Where does our food come from? Host Julie B Adler discusses where we get out food, how it’s produced, and the future of healthy food for all of us with author Mark Bittman, and local farmers, Elizabeth Smith, Molly Comstock, and Leslie Reed Evans.

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