Boston Statehouse

Gov. Charlie Baker on Tuesday there have been no specific threats of violence at the Statehouse, despite warnings from the FBI about threats to all 50 statehouses in the days leading up to Inauguration Day.

State tax collections shot up more than 8 percent in December, as taxpayers and businesses continue across Massachusetts continue to generate more revenue for state government than official forecasts.

Tax collections of $2.842 billion last month were $230 million or 8.8 higher than collections in December 2019, and midway through fiscal 2021 tax collections are running $372 million or 2.7 percent higher than the same period of in fiscal 2020.

In conjunction with signing a $45.9 billion fiscal year 2021 budget on Dec. 11, Gov. Charlie Baker's budget office also upgraded its tax revenue assumption by $459 million to $28.44 billion, in part due to fiscal 2021 tax collections that were at the time running $142 million or 1.3 percent ahead of fiscal 2020 collections through five months.

The latest full-year estimate represents a decline of $1.156 billion or 3.9 percent from actual fiscal year 2020 collections of $29.596 billion, a drop that has yet to materialize. If it does, there's some cushion based on the first six months of tax collections; if it doesn't the state could be in a significantly better position for fiscal 2022 budget talks.