Beerology: Wandering Star Brewery offerings are balanced and enjoyable

Christopher Post, owner of Wandering Star Craft Brewery in Pittsfield, appeared before the city Licensing Board on Monday, during a remote show cause hearing. The board opted not to take action on a complaint against the brewery for inviting patrons to drink outside Post’s premises.

PITTSFIELD — The owner of a local brewery got a pass from the city Monday on an apparent violation of COVID-19 regulations.

After a brief show cause hearing Monday, the city Licensing Board unanimously agreed to take no action against Wandering Star Craft Brewery for inviting customers who buy their beer to enjoy it in a space outside the brewery Nov. 14 and Nov. 15.

A complaint was filed with the Pittsfield Police Department after the brewery posted a promotion on social media about the outdoor consumption of Wandering Star brews that weekend.

Under the current state regulations during the coronavirus pandemic, prepared food from a commercial kitchen must be served with alcoholic beverages. Outdoor beer sales must come from a tap, not bottles. The food must come from a legitimate menu; just peanuts, pretzels or cheese and crackers won’t suffice.

Wandering Star’s liquor license doesn’t allow for indoor, on-site consumption. With a separate license, the brewery could serve beer from a tap. But, owner Christopher Post thought his promotion wasn’t a problem, since the property behind the brewery belongs to another business from which he leases the buildings.

“I’ve always been told the place is off premise,” Post told the board.

Board member Kathy Amuso reminded Post that he should have been aware of the state restrictions on selling/serving alcohol during the pandemic.

“Going forward, I want you to know what you can and cannot do on premise and behind your premise,” she said.

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