GB police graffiti

Graffiti was scrawled on the Great Barrington Police Department sign in early June. The suspect in that incident also is facing multiple charges for similar acts in Stockbridge.

GREAT BARRINGTON — A Stockbridge man accused in June of writing anti-police graffiti on town Police Department property in Great Barrington also is facing a slew of vandalism charges for alleged offenses around Stockbridge that include scrawling and anti-police profanity on a police cruiser.

Donovan Lally, 22, is accused of using a permanent marker June 3 to deface multiple doors and other areas at Stockbridge Town Offices and the Stockbridge Police Department, as well as the town post office, information booth, various road signs around town and an electric transformer.

The next day, Lally allegedly vandalized the sign outside the Great Barrington Police Department.

Lally remains out on personal recognizance in both cases after his arrest June 6.

The graffiti in both towns included political statements related to the reaction to the death of George Floyd while in Minneapolis Police custody in May.

It included multiple instances of “BLM,” “Nazi pigs,” “RIP George Floyd,” “End police brutality,” “Death to all cops,” as well as swastikas in circles crossed by a line, and profanity, according to a Stockbridge Police report.

Police noted, “It is important to note that the swastikas are reversed, with the ‘arms’ of the swastika ‘hooking’ to the left instead of to the right. The Anti-Defamation League reports that this common mistake is normally the result of someone who is not familiar with white supremacist iconography.”

Other markings included peace signs and hearts.

Stockbridge Police said they had gathered surveillance footage that showed a vandal at work, and that it was witnesses in the early morning hours who helped police link the graffiti to that in Great Barrington.

In both cases, the suspect was emerging from a white Toyota Prius that is registered to Lally’s mother, police say.

According to the report, Lally’s clothing matched that of the man seen on surveillance footage in Stockbridge.

Lally could not be reached for comment.

He is charged with seven counts of vandalism and one count of malicious damage to a motor vehicle in the Stockbridge incident; and two counts of vandalizing property in Great Barrington.

At an Oct. 13 pretrial hearing for both cases, Judge Paul Vrabel set Lally’s next hearing for Dec. 7 in Southern Berkshire District Court.

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