Friday, June 19

PITTSFIELD -- The teenage daughter of accused killer David W. Vincent III said her father did not murder his girlfriend, but she readily admits he should have sought help "a long time ago." Vincent's 15-year-old daughter, in remarks made separately to The Eagle and to law enforcement officials, said her father should have dealt with simmering issues before they boiled over.

David Vincent, 40, is charged with murdering Rebecca C. Moulton, 27, at their Pittsfield apartment earlier this month.

In a phone message to the newspaper, Vincent's daughter -- who was not present at the time of the alleged murder and whose name is not being published by The Eagle because she is a minor -- acknowledged that her father had a "tough life" and "should have gotten some help a long time ago."

That aside, she said, "My Dad is not a murderer."

The girl articulated the same concerns about her father to Pittsfield police more than six months ago, when officers responded to a Nov. 30 domestic violence incident involving Vincent and Moulton.

"[Vincent's daughter] reported that this is not the first time her father has done this," Pittsfield Police Officer Karen M. Kalinowsky wrote in a report detailing that incident, in which Vincent is accused of assaulting Moulton and threatening to kill her with a steak knife.

Vincent became more enraged after his daughter called 911 to report the November assault, according to court papers.

Kalinowsky said Vincent's daughter "feels he needs help."

The teenager's statement turned out to be portentous: At some point between June 2 and 3, Vincent severely beat Moulton into unconsciousness, according to police. On June 4, Moulton died from her injuries at Berkshire Medical Center.

Vincent's daughter told police she was texting on her cell phone Nov. 30 when she saw her father "dragging Rebecca" through the couple's Pittsfield apartment. The girl intervened on Moulton's behalf, which appeared to anger her father even more, according to police reports.

As a result, police said, Vincent broke his daughter's cell phone and kicked her out of the apartment. She made her way to the home of a neighbor, who then contacted police.

Vincent is described in court papers as a jealous man who feared Moulton was cheating on him. Police said Vincent monitored Moulton's cell phone records and forced her to quit her job.

Vincent didn't allow Moulton to have anyone at the house when he was not home, according to Kalinowsky.

"Rebecca stated that, if she goes to the bathroom, he asks who she's calling in there. She states that David is always accusing her of cheating on him ... [and] if she hadn't had any calls, he accuses her of deleting the calls from other men," Kalinowsky said.

Vincent, a convicted criminal with a history of domestic violence, is being held without bail at the Berkshire County Jail & House of Correction. His record of violent behavior includes numerous restraining orders, according to prosecutors, but Moulton apparently did not seek a protective order after the November incident.

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