Monday June 11, 2012

A letter writer wrote recently that ". . . heterosexual relationships are typical of all societies. Therefore, claiming that homosexuality is normal for some people negates the very definition of normal." The consensus in medical science (the American Psychiatric Association) is that homosexuality is different but not abnormal. That is, it does not represent a disorder or a disease.

The writer follows with the statement, "To survive, a spe cies must procreate, which same sexes cannot do. Survival is also determined by health and that precludes incestuous relationships (inbreeding)" I found this jump from homosexuality to incest to be odd and perhaps revealing of a hidden issue that many in our nation are struggling with.

The boy child's sexual wishes for the mother are usually repressed because of his fear of retaliation by the father. But Freud discovered that in some there was a homosexual Oedipus complex where the heterosexual desires for the mother were denied and the fear of the father was mollified by the boy child developing homosexual desires for the father, feeling if he can sexually have the father then the father won't kill him. But simultaneously feeling intense shame about his desires toward the father, he projects his shame onto other homosexual males condemning them for being immoral and shameful, which is exactly how he unconsciously feels about his own sexual wishes toward his father.

That is, much so-called homophobia may be based on repudiation of one's own childhood homosexuality by repudiating adult homosexuality in general. There is an analogous girl child's homosexual Oedi pus complex which may also contribute to women repudiating adult homosexuality.

The homosexual Oedipus complex may also be a major issue in the priest pedophilia epidemic where the priest reverses the boy child-parent homo sexual desires and enacts them to master his persistent childhood fear of the father. The sociopolitical key is for us to recognize that we may have personal emotional issues that we need to be responsible for and not project them off onto minorities.



Canaan, N.Y.