Eve Terpak of the U.S. Postal Service delivers mail Wednesday along her route on North Street in Pittsfield. While some customers are displeased about the slowdowns the USPS is experiencing right now, at least one respondent to an Eagle inquiry on shipping or receiving packages said that “they did a great job considering how upside down the world is right now.”

Here is a sampling of what people had to say about shipping or receiving packages this holiday season through the U.S. Postal Service. The comments are drawn from 84 reports received by The Eagle to a survey made available to all readers this month. People were asked to describe their shipping experience.

“Not good ... shipped 14 days ago, no clue where it is.”

“I have been waiting for a 2-day priory package for 10 days. It is medication.”

“Shipped Christmas presents early (Priority) on Dec 5th. Still not delivered on Dec 15th.”

“Several packages I either mailed or (am) expecting are in limbo described as “late” and in transit … not even (saying) where they are!!”

“Shipped Priority Mail package Dec. 4, still not arrived at suburban Philly destination (as of) Dec. 16. Early tracking notices were vague ( ‘In transit’) but seemed to indicate several days stuck in Springfield, several days in N.J. distribution center, and no news since arrived in Philadelphia distribution center several days ago.”

“They did a great job considering how upside down the world is right now.”

“Been waiting for two weeks to get something from Alabama and I get packages in three days from California.”

“Have been waiting for a small package going on three weeks. Tracked it till it got to Springfield. Still sitting there ….”

“My package was shipped from Stockbridge or Becket to Sheffield on Dec. 2. The only thing I can get (through) tracking # is it is will be late. No more info available.”

“A disaster.”

“Two packages seem to be stuck at the Springfield P.O.”

“All of my packages were (to be delivered in) 3-5 business days. It’s been 2-plus weeks. Tracker sucks. Says they were somewhere days or week ago, and now it’s just ‘late.’ No clue where they are.”

“I ship 20-30 packages a day. Some are totally lost, some are moving slowly in roundabout ways and sitting in one place for 3-4 days, others are speeding to their destination. Seems to make no difference whether First Class or Priority postage.”

“Mailed Priority mail Dec. 7, was told should arrive by Dec. 10. Still lingering in transit. Pittsfield P.O. called me back and indicated (that the) Springfield facility working with 20 percent staff. All excuses! Everyone blames Covid!”

“Package sat in in Springfield facility way too long.”

“Excellent experience from Lanesboro P.O.”

“No updates or package received in 16 days.”

“I ordered an item on Nov. 23, It shipped out Dec. 1. Left Kentucky Dec. 5. … I have tried to email customer service and after you fill out the form it gets you to submit, and it will not send.”

“Not pleased.”

“I have four missing packages. One from Nov. 24 was in Springfield for days and now is in transit to it next destination. … Another arrived in Indianapolis, went to Pennsylvania and is now back in Indianapolis. It’s supposed to be in Pittsfield. It’s not the end of the world and I understand the reasons for the delays. A little annoying but I get it.”

“Shipped two Priority packages a few weeks ago and both were four days later than expected. Tracking just stopped and I got message ‘In Transit Arriving Late.’ I paid for Priority and understood maybe a day or two late, but this is terrible. Their answer is always that the packages will get there.”

“Forget packages. I mailed a rather substantial check to my prosthodontist in Boston on July 20, and it was delivered on Sept. 21.”

“Sent a certified, return-receipt requested envelope Nov. 18. It was not delivered until Dec. 11 … to the wrong address. Luckily, the recipient returned it to me, via UPS. It was an important document, and I will never use USPS for such documents again.”

“Fine — no problem.”

“Clerk at Post Office was pleasant.”

“My package has been sitting in Springfield for 11 days.”

“Priority Mail envelope … took 14 days, not the expected two days on the receipt. In addition I have a package coming for an item I ordered. It was shipped Nov. 26 with expected delivery date of Dec. 1. Tracking indicates it has been in Springfield since Nov. 28.”

“Unacceptable! Because of these delays I rated USPS ‘completely dissatisfied.’ However, overall I would rate it 4 (out of 5). I believe these are a direct result of Postmaster General DeJoy’s purposefully delaying mail at the order of President Trump.”

“I placed an order through Amazon back in November. I was notified my package was delayed. The tracking number states my package has been in Wallingford, Conn., with no movement since Nov. 18.”

“I’m an eBay reseller that has had numerous ‘Item Not Delivered’ claims on USPS within the last week or so. This item took 20 days to be delivered when it was quoted at two days, and it arrived damaged so I had to refund the buyer. I have several lost item cases that I haven’t heard anything about. However, my local post offices (Adams and Cheshire) are amazing and always get my packages shipped out immediately.”

“Package shipped Priority Mail 2-day on Dec. 1 (was) received Dec. 21.”

“My experience was with a package a friend from Chicago sent me. She told me that, according to the tracking record, the reason it took so long was because it went to Connecticut, then was returned to Illinois, went back to Connecticut and finally came to Massachusetts.”

“I placed an order with Amazon in November. Unfortunately, they shipped it USPS. I tracked it and it arrived in Pittsfield — then, for some reason, it went from Pittsfield to Cohoes, N.Y., where it has been sitting since Dec. 2. Why?”

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