Cannabis flower

A cannabis flower grows under lamps at an indoor cultivation center in Pittsfield. A city board said Tuesday that a proposed ban on outdoor cultivation goes too far.

Despite being one of the first states to legally sell marijuana, the price of cannabis in Massachusetts remains higher than states that legalized it more recently, according to the Boston Globe. 

The Globe, which used Headset, a recreational sales tracked by Seattle-based cannabis industry data firm, reports that the average of all available sizes of marijuana flower purchased in Massachusetts dispensaries was $41.78 in August — the most of any state. 

Marijuana vape prices in the state also stand out, according to BDS Analytics. Vapes containing 500 mg of concentrate sold for roughly $54.18 in Massachusetts during the second quarter of 2020, but cost under $30 on average in California, Colorado, Illinois and Oregon. 

The story notes that the high cost is likely attributed the state's cannabis tax, seasonal climate and detailed business licensing process that has limited the amount of produces and retailers open for business. There are just 36 cultivators and 70 retailers operating in the Massachusetts recreational market four years after legal cannabis was approved by voters. 

Studies show that the step prices have plenty of Massachusetts residents are sticking with the illicit market, but the stateCannabis Control Commission has dramatically increased its pace of licensing, which should increase supply and bring down prices.