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WNYT, Channel 13, has launched a new signal at the top of Mount Greylock. The new signal will improve reception in the Berkshires.

WNYT, the NBC affiliate in Albany, N.Y., has launched a new signal at the top of Mount Greylock that will improve reception for viewers in Berkshire County and southern Vermont with home antennas. 

“In our television market, Berkshire and Bennington Counties account for about twelve percent of the homes with a television," Stephen P. Baboulis, vice president and general manager for WNYT, said in a news release. "That’s a lot of homes, and we take our commitment to the viewers there very seriously.

"I’m pleased our company has made the investment to serve over the-air viewers better in Berkshire and Bennington Counties.”

Over-the-air viewers of WNYT, Channel 13, have access to four channel choices:

• WNYT-13.1 NBC network and WNYT local news in high definition;

• WNYT-13.2 “Me-TV” Memorable Entertainment Television;

• WNYT-13.3 “Start-TV” contemporary procedural dramas with female leads;

• WNYT-13.4 “Get-TV” classic movies and TV shows.

WNYT began broadcasting from Mount Greylock in 1983 and converted to digital TV in 2009.