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The Clarksburg Select Board's lone remaining member is trying to keep Town Hall operating through interesting times.

CLARKSBURG — As the lone remaining member of the Select Board, Danielle Luchi is determined to get as much town business back on track as she can, despite battling a breakthrough case of COVID-19 and an acute shortage of personnel in Town Hall.

One of the many things she has to keep track of is meeting state-required submissions and deadlines. For instance, the town still hasn’t closed out the books on fiscal 2021, which should have been done several months ago. The fiscal year ended June 30.

“I’m in touch with the state on a weekly basis,” Luchi said. “Although we haven’t closed out fiscal year 2021, like many other towns, so far, they are satisfied with our effort to keep up with town operations.”

The openings are spread across the town. A temporary treasurer/tax collector and a temporary accountant are currently on board while the treasurer is out on family medical leave and the former accountant took another job. Meanwhile, the town administrator left over tensions with the board, after which Select Board Chairman Ron Boucher resigned. The administrative assistant also resigned.

Then, Select Board member Allen Arnold resigned late last month, because of family obligations.

So, Luchi is left trying to maintain day-to-day Town Hall operations.

“Grants continue to be processed; I’ve been troubleshooting with staff and networking with others,” she said. And with the help of the town clerk, payroll and invoices continue to be processed.

Interim Town Accountant Donna Estes came back to her old role to help out, and interim Town Treasurer/Tax Collector Amy Cariddi also is helping to keep things rolling. Police Chief Mike Williams has stepped into an assistant treasurer role.

An election set for Dec. 7 will fill one of two open slots on the three-seat Select Board. Former board member Jeffrey Levanos is the only candidate. Once another member is elected, the board will have a quorum and will be able to start meeting again. The other seat will be filled at the regular town election in May — if anyone runs for it.

“It’s gong to be exciting when Jeff [Levanos] gets on [the board],” Luchi said. “He knows his way around a lot of the work ahead of us.”

One of the first orders of business will be hiring a town administrator and administrative assistant to bolster Town Hall staff. She legally could hire someone on her own, she noted, but, for transparency reasons, prefers to wait until there is a quorum on the Select Board.

So far, Luchi noted, there are four applicants for the town administrator slot and several others for the administrative assistant job.

“I’m just doing the best I can with what I have, and I’m really grateful for all the help I’ve received,” she said. “There’s a lot that needs fixing, but we’re getting by.”