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Clarksburg has called for a Special Town Meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 9.

CLARKSBURG — The Select Board is down to just one member.

Selectman Allen Arnold submitted his resignation to Town Hall on Monday morning, according to Town Clerk Marilyn Gomeau.

The board of one won’t be in a position to fill other town staff positions, including that of the recently departed town administrator, until at least December. That’s when it is set to gain a member, according to Danielle Luchi, the lone official on the town’s top board.

A special election Dec. 7 will replace Select Board member Ron Boucher, who quit a week after a late August meeting at which he raised his voice at then-Town Administrator Rebecca Stone in a conversation about issues with the town’s bookkeeping. Stone walked out.

By the time Arnold resigned Monday, it was too late to add another position to the December ballot. As a result, Arnold’s seat may not be filled until spring at the town’s annual election, Luchi said.

Arnold could not be reached for comment Monday. He won the seat in June 2020 as a write-in candidate.

“As long as I’m the only Select Board member until Dec. 7, I am not going to be making any big decisions,” Luchi said.

No Select Board meetings will be held, Luchi said, but if anything pressing comes up before Dec. 7 she plans to hold an informational meeting and notify residents on the town’s calendar.

“I’m crossing my fingers that nothing happens between now and then,” Luchi said. “I don’t want to be the only person making decisions.”

Resignations from the Select Board have come amid turnover in Town Hall. Both the town administrator and administrative assistant recently quit. Though the job vacancies have been posted, those positions will remain open until the Select Board has another member, Luchi said.

“I’m following the advice of our legal services on that. It wouldn’t look good if I went ahead [and] I picked someone out of a pile of resumes,” Luchi said.

Another open position has been temporarily replaced. Town Accountant Angela Garrity resigned in late September, citing administrative issues. Her job is temporarily filled by Donna Estes, who has been the town’s accountant in the past, according to Luchi.

Clarksburg town accountant quits, town to discuss hiring temporary replacement

The town hasn’t closed out its books from fiscal year 2021, which ended June 30. Hill-Town Municipal Accounting Services was hired in August to help. Terry Green, of Hill-Town, said at a Select Board meeting in late August that when she visited the office, she saw “really no organization, basically no rhyme or reason where things were, mail that had not been opened since March.”

Hill-Town is no longer working for the town. A former town treasurer and tax collector is working with Estes to close out the books before they are submitted to the state, according to Luchi.

Clarksburg seeks resolution of bookkeeping issues following staff departures and public turmoil

Luchi said she has no plans to leave her post. “I’m not going anywhere,” she said. “I’m not leaving.”

She encouraged residents to vote in the coming election.

“Think about becoming involved in your community because that’s what it’s all about at the end of the day, the community part in decision-making. It’s good to have that input. That’s how the town functions.”

Nomination papers for public office can be submitted to the town clerk until Nov. 2.

Clarksburg Select Board election: Nomination papers available at Town Hall

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