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The Notch Reservoir is the focus of a 47-page draft report. Members of the public can get more information about the report, written by New England Forestry Consultants, at a meeting Wednesday night at North Adams City Hall.

NORTH ADAMS — Climate change is expected to precipitate more frequent and intense weather events and change soil moisture patterns in Massachusetts forests.

Notch Reservoir woodlands, a roughly 1,000 acre woodland property that is in both North Adams and Adams, will see the impacts of climate change, too.

The city has a new Forest Stewardship Climate Plan for the reservoir area, a drafted report written by New England Forestry Consultants and funded by a state grant.

The public can get more information about the 47-page report and weigh in on it at a meeting Wednesday evening at 6:30 p.m. in North Adams City Hall.

The city's main goal with the property is to make sure the environment around the reservoir and brook can supply drinking water, the report says. "The property is extremely important for the protection of water quality for the City of North Adams," it reads.

Both the author of the report and a Massachusetts Audubon Society forest ecologist will be at the meeting on Wednesday night.

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