Hoosac Valley Elementary School building (copy)

Hoosac Valley Regional School District will promptly notify families if any major changes are necessary, the district said.

ADAMS — The recent increase in local COVID-19 cases could worsen staffing struggles, the Hoosac Valley Regional School District warned in an update from the superintendent.

There is a possibility of “the need for an emergency closure if we cannot adequately staff our schools safely,” the district said in the note.

“Our district has been short staffed in some areas since the start of the 2021-2022 school year, and staff absences continue to rise,” it said. “The increase in COVID cases makes it more likely that we will struggle to staff all our schools every day over the next several weeks. This may cause disruptions for students, families, and staff as we work to prioritize our highest areas of need.”

Superintendent Aaron Dean did not immediately respond to an interview request Monday morning.

If any major scheduling changes are needed, the district will communicate promptly with families so that they can adapt, it said.

Districts across the sate are anticipating virus-related staffing struggles. 

At Boston Public Schools, 155 teachers and administrative staff tested positive for the virus over the weekend, prompting Superintendent Brenda Cassellius to acknowledge that there is a “possibility” of cancellations in the coming weeks. She said, however, that the district is “doing everything possible not to have that happen” because it values in-person learning.