District: Mount Greylock Regional School District

Graduation location: Mount Greylock Regional School campus

Graduating seniors: 84

Student speaker: Julius Munemo

Quote: “We choose what defines us even if it feels like the greater world has other plans. We can’t be perfect, not ever, especially not before we truly know about the world and how it treats us. Life is bizarre, but through weirdness, we grow. We’ve grown. And now here we are. The end of one road, a road we’ve been on at the same time. Now in our biggest collective change ever, we enter the world. I urge you not to be afraid of change, for the world is a machine of change. We change it because we are changed by it. The world of change is a machine, yes, but so are we, so are you. Go do what only you were ever changed to do.”

Faculty speaker: Ruth Weaver

“To all of us graduating, I encourage you to remember that you know how to do this. You know how to walk through the world and decipher what comes at you. You have a good, full noggin on your shoulders and you know how to use it. So, go forth and try on different glasses and different lenses. Be forgiving to yourself and others, nobody has perfect vision nowadays.”

Highlights: Col McDermott walking hand in hand with his smiling 4 year old sister to receive his diploma.

Immediately following the ceremony, graduates gathered in cars for a car parade through Williamstown. Graduates hung out of sunroofs and side windows as they paraded along Route 7/2, and down Spring Street, to the applause of everyone around.

— Caroline Bonnivier Snyder, The Berkshire Eagle